Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Get 'Em 'Orf The Shelves Month!

This month is going to be all about the paperbacks, trying to read as much as I can and get books off the bookshelves in my room which are under a bit of pressure at the moment! I'm doing this is conjunction with my clearout challenge which is tackling the non fiction books that have been breeding, and now will be heading to charity shops! I'm still doing my series catch up with the Morganville Vampires as well to move that challenge along.

Here are the books I planned to read this month:

1) Christopher Whittle-With Hope in your Heart: Hillsborough (read)
2) Stephen Homewood-Zeebrugge (read)
3) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Hell Divers
4) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Orbs 
5) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Edge (read)
6) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Age (read)
7) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Evolution (read)
8) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction End (read)
9) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Aftermath
10) Nicholas Sansbury Smith-Extinction Lost
11) Rachel Caine-Fade Out
12) Rachel Caine-Kiss of Death
13) Rachel Caine-Ghost Town
14) Rachel Caine-Bite Club
15) Rachel Caine-Last Breath
16) Rachel Caine-Black Death
17) Rachel Caine-Bitter Blood
18) Rachel Caine-Fall of Night
19) Rachel Caine-Daylighters
20) Rachel Caine-Midnight Bites
21) Chesley B Sullenberger-Sully
22) Michael Ashcroft-Well you did ask? (read)
23) Walter Bonatti-The Mountains of my life (DNS)
24) Reinhold Messner-The Naked Mountain
25) Bill Leckie-Endless Love (DNF)
26) Jack Kilborn-Trapped
27) Jack Kilborn-Endurance
28) Jack Kilborn-Haunted House
29) Michael Stephen Fuchs-Carnage
30) Sarah Miller-The Borden Murders (read)
31) Lyle Blackman-The Beast of Boggy Creek
32) Richard Rex-The Tudors 

I declare this month to be an epic fail really. I started off well with the non fiction but I got distracted by rewatching Game of Thrones and taking a whole week to read the first book A Game of Thrones. Loved the book but it threw my challenge off badly! I have recovered by getting stuck into the Nicholas Sansbury Smith zombie series which has been excellent and I'll finish Extinction End tonight. I plan to get the last book and novella read staight after that so at least that will be something.

Hopefully next month will work out a bit better!


  1. Good luck! I’m going to start rewatching GoT soon to get ready for the new season. I have a feeling my reading will suffer for it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. As the new season gets nearer, it makes us want to watch it all over again!

  2. It seems to me you got a lot read this month and as long as you enjoyed yourself, I say it was a complete win!

    1. I suppose when you look at it like that, I did enjoy my reading this month so not really a fail after all!

  3. Good luck with this! May was a really productive reading month for me... which is daft 'cause I have exams at the start of June. But it always seems to turn out that way -- when I plan to read, I don't; when I shouldn't read, I can't stop!

    1. It doesn't make sense does it! I need to stop putting pressure on myself and just read!

  4. I really think that I need to start watching Game of Thrones. I will have to see how much it costs. Good luck with you goals for June!

    1. I'm so excited for the new series I can hardly sit still! My June goals are going to be small to give me a bit of wriggle room to start with.

  5. Game of Thrones is getting closer! I have to admit I'm starting to get excited for it, especially since we're beyond the books now and I have NO idea what's coming lol.

    1. I can't believe it's June already! Now GoT seems a lot closer and the tension is building!!! So many great looking things in the trailer!

  6. Wow! That's a lot of paperbacks! Hope June is a better reading month for you!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I've got lots of great sounding books and I've lowered my goals to make things more relaxed for next month so it should be a good one!