Friday, 26 May 2017

Book Review: Bigfoot War Dead in the Woods by Eric S Brown (Bigfoot War #2)

Bigfoot is back!

Mere hours after the Babble Creek massacre, the beasts strike again, rampaging across the American Southeast. A small group of survivors in Jackson County, North Carolina, fight to stay alive as things get worse. Bigfoot is everywhere, terrorizing the citizens of Jackson County, tearing them limb from limb and feasting on their flesh. Even the powerful US military stands in awe as the enormous beasts take their stand against them, going toe-to-toe with some of man's most lethal technology.

Just when the survivors thought it couldn't get any worse, death kicks into high gear as the dead begin to rise, hungry for the flesh of the living.

The military, tasked with restoring order and destroying the beasts, now find themselves racing to contain a virus that could mean the end of the human race. Colonel Drake and the small unit of tanks under his command are trapped inside the quarantine zone as the war between man and beast is joined by the undead.

The body count rises. Humanity is on the run. The night is filled with terror, the vicious growls of the Sasquatch and the haunting moans of the living dead. Are you ready to join in the fight?

My Review: 
The local teenagers are getting ready for the big party on the top of Bear Mountain. Pete is running for his life through the forest away from Babble Creek to what he hopes is help in Jackson County. Local law enforcement are hearing about a major incident in Babble Creek as they find a badly mutilated bear corpse. And the Sasquatches are coming...

Sarah is feeling stifled by her upcoming singer boyfriend Matt but goes to the party where he is performing. Ryan is there with girlfriend Vera and best friend Chuck and the party is in full swing when Pete comes sprinting into the car park, yelling that everyone needs to leave. It is only seconds later that the first Sasquatch rampages into the party zone with murder on his mind. Now the panicked people are racing for their lives to get into cars and flee the scene, unaware that there are more of the deadly beasts in the woods...

Kelly is a deputy in Jackson County and with sheriff Jonathan, they get word about the destruction of Babble Creek and that it was a tribe of Sasquatches who may be headed their way. Locals with guns are being arranged into groups to head for the party on Bear Mountain to try to deal with the problem but as they arrive, it is clear from the screaming that a disaster is already unfolding. The survivors head for town in the hope that they can find help but the Sasquatches are everywhere and people are being attacked in their homes and workplaces. They need to get out of town but is there anywhere safe to go...?

This was another full on Sasquatch massacre as the beasts find their way to another town and rampage through it. There is plenty of blood, gore and death to keep any horror fan happy and the action never ceases. But this book has an added twist that keeps things interesting. Those who die from a Sasquatch attack are not going to stay dead and a full on zombie apocalypse is about to erupt. As a zombie fan, I was pretty excited to have Sasquatches and zombies in the same book as it doubles the tension and horror. This is a fun gorefest horror romp! 

Read March 2017.
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  1. Ok so I totally want to read this one now. I think it will be my first Bigfoot book!

    1. The first three are not easy to get hold of but do appear together in a movie edition which I grabbed.