Sunday, 21 May 2017

Game of Thrones Gossip #17 The Lannisters

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Gossip, where all of us fanatics get the chance to discuss everything we love about this amazing TV series. I did a few spoiler free posts about the series last year but I found that there were other bloggers out there who were also itching to talk more freely about favourite characters and events without spoiling things for those visiting the blog. So I decided to do a whole series of these discussion posts that let us say everything we want and enjoy every second of it! The topics may talk about a death, an event, a character or be season reviews and so on. Please feel free to comment fully and without restriction!

I have to warn you that it is important that you have seen all six seasons before reading any of these posts because these posts and blogger comments will be oozing and exploding spoilers all over the place. If you haven't watched the series and plan to, be warned that it's a bad idea to be here right now! I take no responsibility if you read on and things are spoiled for you nor do I take responsibility for any mistakes on the pages I link you to.

This week I'm looking at the rest of the Lannister family that we meet in season one and the start of season two. I'm looking at Tywin, Kevan, Lancel and Alton Lannister and Cersei's children as the other family members have been covered in other posts. 

Probably one of the best pieces of casting in the entire show, Charles Dance is perfect as the scheming and evil Tywin Lannister, who has contempt for his family and believes only in bringing glory to the Lannister name...and beating everyone else. His children are always a disappointment to him. Jaime joined the Kingsguard which prevented him inheriting any titles and furthering the Lannister cause with a good wedded match, leaving the dwarf Tyrion as his sole heir, to his utter disgust. Tyrion despises his youngest son, blaming him for killing his mother when he was born, hating him for his disability and whoring, and finding him as the family embarrassment. Even when Tyrion does show a keen mind Tywin cares little. He views Cersei as a weak woman who can't control her son and must only be used for breeding to other rich husbands for Lannister glory. Not a nice man overall.

He is a shrewd battle commander with a fearsome reputation for dealing with his enemies, and is well known to ensure he is only ever on the winning side. He served The Mad King as his Hand but betrayed him when it became clear that Robert was winning the rebellion. He has no morals or scruples about using people to get what he wants and casting them aside when he is finished with him. When we meet him in season one, he has had to raise an army to threaten the Starks for taking Tyrion prisoner. It is not out of love for his son of course, but for the slur on the Lannister name. Later when Jaime finally gets released from his imprisonment, Tywin is quick to remind him that even Tyrion managed to escape his captors. He does, however, underestimate Robb and loses a few humiliating battles, during which Jaime is captured. He and Tyrion only agree on one thing-killing Ned Stark was a terrible decision as he could have been traded for Jaime. It looked as if he might finally be seeing that his son was an asset by sending him to deal with Joffrey and Cersei as acting Hand but sadly, not to be. There will be more on Tywin in later posts.

Kevan is the younger brother of Tywin and father to Lancel Lannister, a loyal advisor and soldier, and the victim of a prank by a younger Tyrion who put goat shit in his boots. He does not seem to have the same feelings about Tyrion that his brother does and greets his arrival on the battlefield after escaping Lysa Arryn. He is in favour of peace with the north, viewing the two Baratheon armies as the bigger threat that they should be focusing on but Tyrion points out that Ned's death ruins any hope of peace. He also wants to save his family and asks that they flee King's Landing before Stannis arrives which Tywin refuses to do, knowing it would be the end of their rule. By season 3, his sons Willem and Martyn have been taken hostage by Edmure Tully and are murdered by Rickard Karstark in revenge for his dead sons, while Lancel is gone from court. It is a couple of years before Kevan returns to King's Landing and by then Lancel is a religious fanatic. Kevan crosses swords with Cersei over her control of Tommen and refuses to serve under her but comes back to serve as Hand after she is arrested. He is killed with everyone else in the explosion at the Great Sept.

Lancel is the squire to King Robert and he is bullied constantly and humiliated by the King, who dislikes him for being a Lannister. It is Lancel who provides Robert with the alcohol during the hunt, causing the King's death when the boar kills him. Varys is happy to hint that Lancel may have been part of a plot to incapacitate Robert. He also becomes Cersei's lover while Jaime is captive in the north, information that Tyrion uses to get him to spy on Cersei. After being injured in the Battle of the Blackwater he renounces his former life and joins a religious order. He comes back to King's Landing to root out corruption with his brothers and provides evidence against Cersei about their affair which leads to her walk of shame. He discovers the wildfire plot and tries to stop it but is killed.

Alton Lannister is a distant cousin of Jaime and after being captured by Robb's army, he is used as a messenger between the Starks and Lannisters. When housed with Jaime in a cell, it is clear that the young man idolised Jaime, who kills him in a vain plot to try and escape, along with Rickard Karstark's son.

Is there anyone alive who doesn't hate this guy in season one or cheer each time Tyrion slaps him? He begins as the spoiled brat prince who cares only about himself, not even giving his false sympathy to Catelyn over Bran's 'accident'. Sansa adores his looks and status and can't see him for what he really is. Despite loving Myrcella and Tommen, Tyrion has no time for his nephew and is happy to slap him when he gets out of line. At this stage he is heavily influenced by Cersei and has learned to view all non Lannisters as the enemy. He is also clear that he has no interest in marrying Sansa, treating her mostly with indifference.

But he moves from petulant to nasty when he bullies Mycah and Arya on the riverbank, leading to the death of both the boy and Sansa's dire wolf Lady. He shows that he is a coward, cowering away from Arya and embarrassing himself in front of both Stark girls. He likes to bully others and belittle them, calling the Hound 'dog'. It is when he becomes King though that his evil persona really comes out, shocking everyone including Cersei by calling for Ned's execution. He also gives the order to murder all of Robert's bastards. He continues by taking Sansa to view her father's head on a pole and having Meryn Trant assault her when she displeases him. He has no idea that the Hound saved his life by stopping Sansa from pushing him over the edge...

Myrcella is a kind and gentle girl, unlike most of her family and she is happy with the news that Bran will live after his 'accident'. She loves her uncle Tyrion and is friendly to Sansa, getting excited by the upcoming wedding. When Stannis prepares to attack, Tyrion arranges for her to marry in Dorne, a decision that begins a chain of events to bring down most of the Lannisters when Cersei gets her revenge on him. Ironically as Cersei fumes about her daughter's fate, Myrcella and her betrothed Trystane have fallen in love and she is happy in Dorne. She does not want to go home with Jaime until assured that she can take Trystane with her. As she leaves she is poisoned by Ellaria Sand to punish Cersei for the death of Oberyn, and dies in Jaime's arms minutes after saying she is happy that he is her father.

Tommen is also unlike Joffrey, adoring his uncle Tyrion and getting upset at the thought that Robb might be killed as it will upset Sansa who he likes. He is saved from the street riot as Tyrion has him taken away to the Red Keep by a different route after seeing his sister off to Dorne. He is almost poisoned by Cersei at the Battle of the Blackwater when she fears that they are going to be taken by Stannis but her father's arrival saves Tommen. He is also upset when he realises that the Joffrey's wedding entertainment is upsetting Tyrion and Sansa. When he becomes King after Joffrey's death he can't bear to be at Tyrion's trial. He falls in love with Margaery, his new betrothed and Cersei sees her grip on another son slipping away. Tommen is constantly caught between his mother and his wife and is even ready to do a deal with the High Sparrow to get Margaery back. He orders that the trials of Loras and Cersei go ahead without the option of trial by combat which Cersei was counting on to use The Mountain. It is The Mountain that prevents him going to the Great Sept for the trial where it blows up killing everyone. Witnessing the death of so many people including his wife from his window, Tommen kills himself.


  1. I can honestly say the only Lannisters I like are Jaime and Tyrion. I probably shouldn't have disliked Tommen but I did. There were times I admire Cersei's strength, but not many!

    1. *grins* Yeah I know what you mean! I hated the way Tywin was so cruel to Tyrion especially after the Battle of the Blackwater when he had saved the city. Loved the way Charles Dance played the part.

  2. Yeah Tywin's a bad guy. :) I do think it was a stroke of genius to send Tyrion to be Hand and rein Cersei in- so many dramatic moments flowed from that lol. And as horrible as Ned's death was, it's interesting that neither Cersei nor Tywin meant for that to happen- they were shrewd enough to know Ned was an asset to be used.

    A Storm of Swords is awesome partly because when Jaime gets a POV we learn MORE about his relationship with Tywin vis a vis the Mad King, and how his appointment to the Kingsguard affected that.

    Alton Lannister is a show only character I think, I don't recognize him from the books. But I think I know who's role he filled. Myrcella is still alive in the books and her story is VERY different. Likewise w/ Tommen. I think by killing them both off the show is just accelerating what Martin is taking forever to do, so maybe their days are numbered in the books too ha ha.

    1. I did think maybe Tywin was seeing some value in Tyrion when he sends him to be Hand...but in the end it gives him a chance to mock him again. I was so mad at Tyrion not receiving any praise for his efforts to save the city and lead the defence. I'm looking forward to reading the battle in the book!

      I have really enjoyed the changing POVs used in the books as it keeps the story moving and gives me all the depth I want in the characters stories. I loved that first book and so much look forward to the others! I can't help wondering if the later books are going to be the same as what we saw in season six with all the carnage. If so it might be pretty exciting, if we ever see it!