Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Book Review: 'Nids by Ray Garton

Medical research? Genetic experiments? No one knows exactly what goes on inside the sprawling BioGenTech building on the edge of town. But after an enormous explosion at the facility, people in town start turning up dead...and in pieces.

Something is loose in Hope Valley. Something big...and fast...and hungry. It has a lot of legs, a nasty disposition and a big appetite. This is one spider you can’t step on.

My Review: 
A group of teenagers are at a local parking spot on a normal night when they hear the explosion at the nearby bio lab. As they watch the flames and wonder what happened, one of them is grabbed and taken down the mountain by an unseen creature. Only one witness saw what happened to her but his story of a giant spider is not believed instantly by the police until they find what is left of her body. The police are forced to reconsider their ideas on a monster spider when other kids report their car being attacked by it.

The massive sun spider is on the loose in the town, prowling the street and looking for victims. As more people come under attack the police are stretched to their limits in trying to track it down, and to keep the incident quiet to avoid mass panic. It can move at great speed and seems to be one step ahead all the time...

This was a fun monster b movie kind of plot. It has everything you would expect in this kind of offering...fast paced action, big mutant monster, lots of tension and drama and lots of death. What more could you want? I don't want to go into any more details about the plot for fear of totally spoiling it for anyone planning to read it. But if you like your mutant monsters and a plot that gets right into the action, then you'll maybe enjoy this one.

Read March 2017.
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  1. I liked this one too. And I agree, it would be a good B Movie!

    1. I love to torture myself reading about scary spiders. I'm ok as long as I don't have to see them...