Friday, 5 May 2017

Game of Thrones: Season Seven Rumours!

Winter has well and truly least in Westeros! As we creep towards the new series this summer, rumours and so called spoilers are exploding all over the internet so lets look at what is being said, share rumours and react to what is being said. 

NB-If you haven't watched all six series of Game of Thrones, it is a bad idea to read on as there will be all kinds of things you don't want to hear!

Samwell is said to be one of the survivors at the end of the whole show. Rumours suggest that he is actually narrating this story of the fight for the Iron Throne from a library book where he is Grand Maester of the Citadel, many years in the future. Yes I'd be happy with this! There is also a rumour that Sam finds a cure for Jorah which allows Jorah to rejoin Dany and battle the White Walkers. Sam also discovers that Lyanna Stark married Rhaegar Targaryen after he anulled his other marriage which gives Jon legitimacy and a claim to the Iron Throne as a male Targaryen son. This sounds fully plausible to me!

Two conflicting rumours going around for Sansa. The first is that she is going to have Littlefinger killed, using his interest in her to bring about his downfall. The other is that Littlefinger feeds her poison about Jon Snow taking her rightful place in charge of the north and that she enters into a plot with him to overthrow Jon's rule. Ok, my thoughts on this are clear-the first scenario is the more likely to me as this is the man who betrayed her father and sold her to Ramsay Bolton. Surely she wouldn't do that? Put it this way, if she does I hope that someone kills her for it!

Cersei enters into an alliance with Jon and Dany to defeat the White Walkers but she betrays them in the hope that her enemies will be destroyed. I don't think that this would be a great surprise to anyone as the bitch can never be trusted. There is also a theory going around that a prophecy predicts that she will be killed by her brother. Ooh...I hope it is Jaime but I don't mind who kills her really! That would be season eight I think.

Jaime of course features in those prophecy rumours about possibly killing his sister. The look of unease on his face as Cersei is crowned at the end of season six certainly indicates that this is not what he wants. Rumour has it that he is angry when Cersei abandons Jon and Dany in their fight and Jaime abandons her to go and fight The White Walkers in the north. Yes to that! Jaime is to discover the truth about who killed Joffrey. Interesting...Also a rumour that Cersei plans to copy the Mad King and set fire to the city and it is Jamie who has to stop her. I like the idea of history repeating itself but that would be season eight.

Jon refuses to bend the knee to Dany but will give up his title as King in the North if she joins him in the fight to destroy the White Walkers. He begins to gather an alliance for the fight which includes Tyrion, Dany, Jorah, Cersei, Qyburn, The Hound, The Mountain, Euron Greyjoy, Varys and Missandei all meeting together. Ooh, awesome thought! I don't see Euron wanting to get involved with that and they will lose Cersei's people from that list if she does betray them as I would expect. There is also a rumour that to prove the danger from the north, Jon takes Jorah, The Hound, Tormund, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr north to capture a wight. Again, yes to that! But the consequences of this mission lead to destruction of the Wall...urg that's BAD! Also Jon and Dany are said to sleep together. I think that looked probable given that Jon doesn't know his true parantage.

Tyrion begins to fear that Dany is not what he thought she was when she shows utter brutality towards those who will not bow before her, just as her father did. Oh no, not evil Dany! If Dany goes evil then it MUST be Jon who takes the Iron Throne!  

Hodor to return as a wight? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please no! The Door was the most traumatic episode for me and I can't bear the thought of Hodor as a bad guy...unless they can find some kind of cure and save him!

Arya is reunited with her dire wolf and sets out to kill the rest of the Freys. Littlefinger tries to turn Arya and Sansa against each other but Sansa asks Arya to execute him. YES to that!!! 

Yara Greyjoy goes into battle against her uncle's forces and loses, being taken prisoner while Theon escapes. I'm not sure about this being logical when Dany agreed to help Yara and Theon win back their home. This doesn't seem logical to me. I'm less surprised by the rumour that Euron and Cersei make a pact and declare war on the Sand Snakes. I don't like those bitches so I'm not that bothered about what happens to them. Theon is to have an unhappy meeting with Jon Snow...

Dany starts her military action against the Lannisters after the Lannisters destroy the remains of House Martel and House Tyrell. I could see this happening as these are the houses that Cersei will hold responsible for the death of her children. Dany ambushes the army as they return and defeat them. Yep I'm ok with that. She also has to use a dragon to rescue Jon's group when they hit trouble north of the Wall but her dragon becomes a wight and the Wall is in danger...ooh. The Dothraki hit Westeros...

Benjen Stark gets the chance to see Jon one more time and saves his life during the wight mission but does not survive. *whimper* Expected but sad anyway.

Have you heard any rumours? What do you think of these plotlines?


  1. I'm all for Cersei getting killed but as angry as Jaime is at her, I don't see him doing it. They do share children (yuk! even if all of them are dead). I'd like to see Tyrion kill Cersei after she treated him like crap all his life. I don't really care of Dany and Jon hit the sheets. I think given their popularity and how much everyone wants to see Jon shirtless (yes please) that it will probably happen. I've heard rumors that Jon and Sansa eventually wed and rule and I did see a spark so who knows. I hope hope hope Dany doesn't become evil and like you, please let Hodor rest in peace. I like the idea of Sam narrating because I adore Sam. He's like a GoT teddy bear.

    1. The thought of an undead Hodor horrifies me so I hope that isn't true! I'd be very happy to see Tyrion kill was satisfying to see him kill Tywin after all! I want to see Sam you said he is such a teddy bear and you want to cuddle him and keep him safe! I think his sword is going to be significant in some way...maybe to kill the White Walkers. Jon being involved with Dany or Sansa is basically incest so I'm not greatly keen on either option TBH. I think I need to do a post on ideal couples!

  2. Ooh keep these posts coming! :) I've fallen a little behind in the rumors dept. so some of these were new to me. Rhaegar & Lyanna I find absolutely plausible because I've always thoguht they were in love. The prophecy of Cersei is from the books so I won't go into that.

    the Jon rumors are the most interesting to me, mainly because we're past the books now so anything can happen! I do think the Wall going to fall, end of this season? Or maybe even before. And Euron is a wild card. In the books that plotline is getting weird but they'll simplify for the show. If you want toread about the "eldritch apocalypse" theory which posits that Euron may be HUGE in the endgame, check here. amazing but spoilery obvs!

    I do think Dany is going to be harsh at times because of her targaryen blood. Definitely in the books, not sure how far the show will go with this. Arya wiping out the freys would be awesome. Nymeria's wolf pack is al over the Riverlands.

    A wight dragon would be freaky!! Hadn't heard that one...

    1. I've heard that Dany uses her dragons to murder Sam's father-no great loss there really. So looking forward to more on Rhaegar and Lyanna-rumours that we get a flashback to their wedding. The question is, how much did Ned know and hide from Robert? This fascinates me. I hope this story will be one of these prequel productions that HBO are talking about, rather than bloody Dunk and Egg! I was hoping that Yara would gut Euron rather than have him become important later! There are so many ways they could take the TV show forward...I think we might get a more satisfying end with our favourites than what GRRM is hinting at...if the books ever come!

    2. I think you might be right. I've always liked the books more, but Martin is taking SO long... even my legendary patience (ha ha yeah right) is being strained. o.O

      I've also been fascinated by Roberts' Rebellion and the things leading up to it, especially Rhaegar & Lyanna. A flashback to their wedding? Wow that would be something. And Dany's dragons killing Sam's dad- I'm down with that. :)

      If the rumors or theories at poorquentyn. tumblr are true then Euron is going to be HUGE, but I don't think the showe is going there. They are minimizing Euron to an extent I think, otherwise there wouldn't be time to finish with just 18 episodes left...

    3. If I get a happy ending for my favourites in the series I can deal with anything in the books I think! I hope...I'm so hoping that these prequels will give us that complete story. It'd be great to see all the characters return even if they are different actors. I'd be happy if the show uses Euron less as I'm not greatly bothered by him either way. Can't wait to find out!