Monday, 1 May 2017

The Great Chuckles Spring Clearout-May

I have become annoyed by the mess my physical bookshelves are in so it is time for drastic action! I need to clear a pile of books out of the house so I can have all my books looking tidy and uncrushed again! To do this I need to tackle the build up of non fiction books that I'm more likely to just read once, and I might add more if I find or buy more. I need to tackle as many of these books as I can to get shelf control back! No time limit on this once as it is a huge task!

Welcome to the May edition! Those I looked at last month are marked as read/abandoned. I hope to read some more of these this month.

1) Marco Pierre White-The Devil in the Kitchen (read)
2) Sarah Miller-The Borden Murders (read)
3) David Wilson-The Lost British Serial Killer (read)
4) Phil Scraton-Hillsborough The Truth
5) Christopher Whittle-With hope in your heart (read)
6) Bill Leckie-Endless Love (DNF)
7) Paul Firth-Four minutes to hell
8) Martin Fletcher-The 56
9) Iain Yardley-90 seconds at Zebrugge
10) Stephen Homewood-Zebrugge (read)
11) Dick Bass-Seven Summits
12) Michael Kodas-High Crimes
13) Stephen Venables-Everest Kangshung Face
14) Bear Grylls-Extreme Survivors
15) Walter Bonatti-The mountains of my life (DNS)
16) Reinhold Messner-The Naked Mountain
17) Michael Ashcroft-Call me Dave
18) Owen Bennett-The Brexit Club
19) Craig Oliver-Unleashing Demons
20) Alastair Campbell-Prelude to Power
21) Alastair Campbell-Power and the People
22) Alastair Campbell-Power and Responsibility
23) Alastair Campbell-The Burden of Power
24) Michael Mosbacher-Brexit Revolt (read)
25) Harry Mount-Summer Madness
26) Michael Ashcroft-Well you did ask...(read)
27) Iain Watson-Five Million Conversations
28) Andrew Rawnsley-Servants of the People
29) Andrew Rawnsley-The End of the Party
30) Dan Hodges-One Minute to Ten  
31) Damian McBride-Power Trip
32) Rob Wilson-Five Days to Power
33) Anthony Seldon-Cameron at Ten
34) Anthony Seldon-Brown at Ten
35) David Laws-Coalition
36) Tim Shipman-All Out War
37) Arron Banks-The Bad Boys of Brexit
38) Ann Rule-The Stranger Beside Me
39) Ann Rule-Green River Running Red
40) Jeffrey Toobin-The People v OJ Simpson
41) William C Dear-OJ is Innocent
42) David Walsh-Seven Deadly Sins
43) Juliet Macur-Cycle of Lies
44) Chesley B Sullenberger-Sully
45) Julia Fox-Jane Boleyn
46) Richard Rex-The Tudors
47) Jasper Ridley-Henry VIII
48) Neville Williams-Henry VIII and his Court
49) John Guy-Tudor England
50) Eric Ives-The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn 
55) Thomas Toivi Blatt-From the ashes of Sobibor
56) Valkyrie: the plot to kill Hitler
57) Roger Moorehouse-Killing Hitler
58) Jim Dwyer-102 Minutes
59) Der Spiegel-Inside 9/11
60) Arthur Knowles-The Bluebird Years
61) David Tremayne-Donald Campbell
62) Theresa Saldana-Beyond Survival
63) David Lloyd-Last in the tin bath (read)
64) Sue Perkins-Spectacles (abandoned)
65) Michael Newton-When Bigfoot Attacks
66) William Jevning-Notes from the field
67) Loren Coleman-Bigfoot!
68) Lyle Blackburn-The Beast of Boggy Creek
69) Duane Chapman-You can run but you can't hide (read)
70) Duane Chapman-Where Mercy is shown, Mercy is given (read)
71) Fernando Aguirre-Surviving the economic collapse
72) The Penguin Book of Norse Myths
73) Robin AH Waterfield-The Greek Myths

I'm progressing nicely with this one, getting a few more read this month. I'm very hopeful about completing this challenge by the end of the year. 


  1. Looks like a lot of political books. If I read a month’s worth of politics, I’d probably get depressed. Good luck!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I like the behind the scenes books where to get to see all the fights between the politicians and how tough their work can be. Makes them seem a bit more like real people! I love seeing the bitching and backstabbing!