Monday, 8 May 2017

Book Review: Purge by Steven Jenkins (Burn the Dead #2)

There are those who run, while others hide. And then, there are the Cleaners. The living dead have staggered straight out of hell, and all that keeps humanity from crumbling is a small team of men who catch the rotters, before cleaning up the mess left behind.

Catherine Woods might not be a man, but no sexist, out-dated nonsense is going to stop her from following her dreams and joining the war against the undead. The only problem is—even the best dreams can become nightmares in an instant. 

My Review:
Catherine wants to be a Cleaner more than anything. Cleaners are the men who go into the quarantine and outbreak zones to capture and subdue the zombies before they are taken to be burned. After a long campaign against the sexist authorities she has finally got herself a chance to do the job. But she is about to discover that the reality of the job is much worse than she thought it would be.

Now there is an outbreak and the town has been quarantined, and all of the Cleaners on the team are being sent in to deal with it. It soon becomes clear that there are more zombies in the zone than anyone thought and they must try to take as many down as they possibly can with the limited resources that they have.

Catherine is a self obsessed whiny young woman who drove me completely mad in this book. It is all about what she wants and nothing else enters the equation for her, including the fact that she is not mentally or physically capable of doing the job! She thinks she is entitled to do this job and that being a woman should not exclude her. While I agreed with the idea, it is clear however that Catherine is not the right woman to do the job. Firstly, she has a dodgy knee which starts to ache after just one day of training and she covers it up so they don't kick her out. Great Catherine, put yourself and your partner Andrew in danger because you couldn't run if your life depended on it. Putting her wants over everyone's safety made me really despise her. She keeps getting distracted on the job and not following instructions which of course leads to tragic consequences.

At one point she has to rely on two children to save her life and the kids were as bad as she was. The kids never do what she tells them. Josh is told countless times to keep his voice down when he talks but he insists of making a noise every time he speaks or moves, which keeps drawing the zombies to the house. He will not follow basic instructions which drove me mad. His sister Amelia is just reckless and dumb, thinking she is clever enough to outwit the zombies and save the day, and of course her stupid actions continually put them in danger. I'd have left the two of them to fend for themselves frankly.

I liked the first book in the series which had a man going into the quarantine zone to rescue his son but this one is definitely not as good. The bits featuring the zombies are as well written as you would expect after reading Burn the Dead, but it is somewhat spoiled by giving us characters that are not as good as the previous book. I actually wish it was Andrew that we were following because he is a really good character and very capable. Instead we get whiny useless Catherine.

I went on to read the third book in the series as I had already bought it.  

Read March 2017.
2.5 stars


  1. Too bad Catherine is whiny because that cover is downright creepy.

  2. "I went on to read the third book in the series as I had already bought it. "

    You and I are gluttons for punishment.

    1. Yep! I bought books 2 and 3 based on loving the first. It didn't quite work out this time!