Friday, 19 May 2017

Chuckles Guide to the UK Election #4

Welcome to my UK General Election 2017 posts where I'll be taking a lighthearted look at the funny, entertaining and embarrassing side of the campaigning so far. I won't be lecturing or spouting political views of my own or telling people how to vote, just having some fun with politics and poking a bit of fun at all the parties involved! 

This week has seen the launch of the party manifestos, the threat of former Labour leader Tony Blair starting a new rival party and a few nice gaffes to have a laugh at.

Oh dear, Diane Abbott didn't have a great day out talking at the Police Federation. Firstly, she walked past the podium and had to be directed back to it...I'm not sure HOW she missed it!!! Then she cracked a few jokes they didn't laugh at and upset them by declaring that spit hoods were not needed to protect them from criminals as you can't catch diseases from being spat on (???) and then couldn't give answers to their questions that satisfied them. To top it all off she got lost leaving the stage to the amusement of everyone...

Last week Tim Farron discovered that his own battle bus was a dangerous place to be on live tv! He fell as he walked along it live on Sky News... Oh dear!!!

He then decides to launch his manifesto, in a country that voted for Brexit, by standing on the EU flag. Think that is going to persuade Leavers to vote for you Tim, hmm?

It had to be Boris! You didn't think he could get through one whole election campaign without a gaffe did you? Nope! Boris was visiting a Sikh Temple and was wearing the turban as expected but despite the Sikh religion banning alcohol, blundering Boris decided that this would be the ideal place to talk about alcohol trading with India. An irate Sikh woman was not impressed and challenged him. Here is what looks like an attempt to gag Boris for the greater good...

Nigel Farage has declared that he will pick up a rifle and head to the front lines if Brexit is not delivered in a way that he approves of. Which front line is he talking about? If you are on holiday in Greece, Malta or Italy, please keep an eye open for an irate Nigel!

Tim Farron asked a Scottish voter what he thought of independence for Scotland and he had this to say about SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon:

Farron- "What do you think about independence?"
Voter- "That woman needs a kick up the arse!"
Farron- "I'll take that as a no..."

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