Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Book Review: Zombie Apocalypse by Eric S Brown

Bigfoot War: Zombie Apocalypse picks up in the rebooted universe of the cult hit Bigfoot War series shortly after the event of Redneck Apocalypse. The dead have risen and they are very hungry, in the war between man, beast, and zombie there can be only one winner. Carnage, gore, and all-out action explode from the pages as the fate of civilization and the very Earth itself is decided.

My Review: 
Recent calls to the police in Sylva about dead animals are increasing and the police go to investigate another report but instead find a dead human covered in bite marks. Puzzlement turns to terror when the dead start to rise and attack them. Now Sylva is about to face two problems-the living dead and the hairy monsters!

Dave is the IT guy at the police department in Sylva and meets up with a frightened Larry there. They decide that keeping on the move is their best plan. They join forces with Charlie and the girl he has tagging along with them and decide to head for Asheville which is when they come face to face with the Sasquatches.

This book takes place directly after Redneck Apocalypse, running sort of parrallel to the events in the first two books in the Bigfoot Wars series. Again I can't really say much about this without spoiling it but basically, another town is facing utter ruin having to deal with two lots of monsters. Another fun addition and quick read in the Bigfoot Wars series! Read April 2017.
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  1. Bigfoot Xing- love that! We have a lot of woods in northern Michigan and it's pretty remote- I can see Bigfoot being up there. :) Anyway this sounds fun.

    1. So if we don't hear from you for a week, you might have become Sasquatch lunch!