Friday, 26 May 2017

Book Review: Food Chain by Eric S Brown (Bigfoot War #3)

15 years ago . . .The world fell.Armies of the dead swept across the globe, toppling civilization and bringing humanity to its knees. Now, as the dead virus has ran its course and is fading away, those who survived face a new terror: the ever-growing numbers of the Sasquatch species.The Earth is an apocalyptic wasteland, survivors barely managing to make it day-by-day. Food is scarce, hope is hardly found.

Yet all turns on a dime when a secret base is discovered underground and it is learned that it might hold the hope for victory in this deadly world.War breaks out, and this time man and machine combine as the struggle between humanity and the beasts wages anew to see who will hold the top spot on nature's food chain.

My Review: 
It is fifteen years since the Sasquatches declared war on humans and humans are not winning. Greg and Anna survive alone in their reinforced cabin with hope fading for their future. Wally is travelling alone in search of his lost soul mate following the latest rumours about where she might be. A fortess of survivors face an attack by other military men who want their supplies. And in The Bunker, the last hope for the human race are about to launch their final weapons.

Greg has been trying to look after Anna, who has given up hope after the death of their child, but Greg is determined that there is still something to fight for. Wally has deserted his post as a skilled Hunter in New Denver to go in search of Bree, the woman he loves, travelling alone through a world full of Sasquatches, zombies and evil men. The fortified town of New Denver has stood firm against all threats but are now facing ruin when a military convoy arrives at the gate claiming they are seeking an alliance. Can the town withstand an attack of this magnitude?

Bree is at The Bunker, preparing her latest weapon against the Sasquatches who are marching in force towards their location. Her three generations of tech suits have allowed those inside to stay protected and successfully fight small groups of the beasts. But can the suits withstand an assault by so many? Can they protect The Bunker from the Sasquatches?

This has more of a dystopian feel as we follow those who have survived the initial war with the Sasquatches. It focuses more on the people with a battle at the end, rather than following the monsters on a killing spree. I did find the suits was a bit like the film Pacific Rim. It was a decent read but not as good as others in the series.

Read March 2017.
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  1. Man, these covers are great. They make the books look like so much fun!

    1. I love the covers! They will be featuring on Cover Love on Sunday! Lots of really good ones to share!

  2. Wow that's quite the cover. I love the idea of Sasquatches going berserk lol. And it sounds like the squatches attacked AFTER a zombie virus? Talk about double trouble! This sounds like lots of fun. And tech suits? Too bad it wasn't quite as good as others...

    1. These Sasquatches are seriously pissed! They rip countless people up! The sasquatches attack first then the dead victims go zombie...but the zombies also attack the Sasquatches for added fun and can infect them...