Monday, 17 April 2017

The Great Chuckles Spring Clearout

It is the midway point of the month and I have become annoyed by the mess my physical bookshelves are in so it is time for drastic action! I need to clear a pile of books out of the house so I can have all my books looking tidy and uncrushed again! To do this I need to tackle the build up of non fiction books that I'm more likely to just read once, and I might add more if I find or buy more. I need to tackle as many of these books as I can to get shelf control back! No time limit on this once as it is a huge task!

NB: I will be doing this challenge this month alongside my Morganville Vampires series catchup.

1) Marco Pierre White-The Devil in the Kitchen
2) Sarah Miller-The Borden Murders
3) David Wilson-The Lost British Serial Killer
4) Phil Scraton-Hillsborough The Truth
5) Christopher Whittle-With hope in your heart
6) Bill Leckie-Endless Love
7) Paul Firth-Four minutes to hell
8) Martin Fletcher-The 56
9) Iain Yardley-90 seconds at Zebrugge
10) Stephen Homewood-Zebrugge
11) Dick Bass-Seven Summits
12) Michael Kodas-High Crimes
13) Stephen Venables-Everest Kangshung Face
14) Bear Grylls-Extreme Survivors
15) Walter Bonatti-The mountains of my life
16) Reinhold Messner-The Naked Mountain
17) Michael Ashcroft-Call me Dave
18) Owen Bennett-The Brexit Club
19) Craig Oliver-Unleashing Demons
20) Valkyrie: the plot to kill Hitler
21) Roger Moorehouse-Killing Hitler
22) Jim Dwyer-102 Minutes
23) Der Spiegel-Inside 9/11
24) Arthur Knowles-The Bluebird Years
25) David Tremayne-Donald Campbell
26) Theresa Saldana-Beyond Survival
27) David Lloyd-Last in the tin bath
28) Sue Perkins-Spectacles
29) Michael Newton-When Bigfoot Attacks
30) William Jevning-Notes from the field
31) Loren Coleman-Bigfoot!
32) Lyle Blackburn-The Beast of Boggy Creek
33) Duane Chapman-You can run but you can't hide
34) Duane Chapman-Where Mercy is shown, Mercy is given
35) Fernando Aguirre-Surviving the economic collapse
36) The Penguin Book of Norse Myths
37) Robin AH Waterfield-The Greek Myths
38) Ann Rule-The Stranger Beside Me
39) Ann Rule-Green River Running Red
40) Jeffrey Toobin-The People v OJ Simpson
41) William C Dear-OJ is Innocent
42) David Walsh-Seven Deadly Sins
43) Juliet Macur-Cycle of Lies
44) Chesley B Sullenberger-Sully
45) Julia Fox-Jane Boleyn
46) Richard Rex-The Tudors
47) Jasper Ridley-Henry VIII
48) Neville Williams-Henry VIII and his Court
49) John Guy-Tudor England
50) Eric Ives-The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn 
51) Alastair Campbell-Prelude to Power
52) Alastair Campbell-Power and the People
53) Alastair Campbell-Power and Responsibility
54) Alastair Campbell-The Burden of Power
55) Thomas Toivi Blatt-From the ashes of Sobibor


  1. Good luck. I really need to get to work again on my "library" room but it seems like there is always something else to do. Maybe I should order the shelves - but I hate to do that before painting. I think I need a week off work but that isn't gonna happen either!

    1. My 'mess pretending to be a half assed library' really needs sorting! When I reduce the books, I'll get photos up on the blog. Too ashamed of the mess to do it now! I want to get most of this lot tackled this year and find new homes for them.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of books. Good luck with the clear-out!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. That is a huge list of books! Good luck on tackling all of them.

    1. Some of these books have been sitting on my shelves for years so I really need to do something about it now!

  4. Some interesting stuff here. I like reading about Norse mythology...

    1. I tend to buy a non fiction that interests me and it then sits unread for years. I need to liberate some of them back into the world...

  5. oh what do you do with all the books??? of the plot to kill Hitler and Killing Hitler must be very interesting and of course all the survivalism ones like Surviving the economic collapse

    1. Surviving the economic collapse is supposed to be quite scary and shows what can happen if things go wrong. Book was pricey but I like the sound of it. I keep the NF prepper ones for reference-the latest being solar ovens and chemical toilets! Once I read the others I'll only keep what I might read again and the rest will generally go to charity shops.

  6. You are ambitious! I promise myself I will do things like this and I never. I did DNF another book though and after only 50 pages so maybe there is hope for me after all?

    1. I'd rather be reading the Morganville Vampires and Game of Thrones right now but I need to get these dealt with so I can clear space on my bookshelves, get everything nicely arranged and get some photos up on the blog of my bookshelves!

      You are becoming a DNFer! Awesome! I think there is definitely hope for you!