Friday, 21 April 2017

Rest in Purple-Prince Book Tag

The lovely Barb over at has created this excellent book tag in memory of Prince who died a year ago. I thought it was a great book tag so I decided to do my own answers. Make sure you pop over to Barb's to see her answers too!

1) Sign of the Times-your favourite apocalyptic or dystopian novel
Favourite genre alert! Too many choices! I'm going to go with the co-written Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs zombie apocalypse series 'Arisen'. I totally love this series which delivers action and tension on every page!

2) Purple Rain-a book you've read with purple on the cover
I love purple bookcovers and have quite a few on my shelves! I've chosen Patricia Briggs 'Frost Burned' which is my favourite book so far in the Mercy Thompson series. Always happy to plug a favourite series! 

3) You've Got The Look-a book you purchased strictly because of the cover
I never buy just on the cover...I have to like the blurb too but one book I lifted from the shelf because of the gorgeous cover and ended up buying was Rachel Caine's Glass Houses. It glittered and shone in the lights of WH Smith and it had vampires...had to buy! 

4) Lets Go Crazy-a book or series that is a tad crazy and all kinds of fun
I don't really read crazy books so I've picked Robert Boren 'Bug Out!' The plot is varied and the situations our heroes get into are hairier by the minute. Armed militia, civil war, nuclear blasts, Islamic terrorists, serial killers...this series has it all. It is a bit mad plot wise but I love it! 

5) Little Red Corvette-one of your favourite classics 
I don't read 'the classics' so I'm going to cheat and mention what for me is the classic horror novel...Stephen King's 'IT' Killer clown that is a shapeshifting child killing monster is always going to be loved by Chuckles!

6) Kiss-a character you'd love to kiss
I don't do the book boyfriend thing so I'm going with a gorgeous beagle called Woof who has a terrible time of it in a horror book by Jack Kilborn called 'Afraid'. I want to cuddle the poor boy and assure him that he's going to be ok! 

7) I wanna be your lover-steamiest book couple
I'm going to agree with Barb here and go for Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. I don't look for romance in my UF books but this series gives you a couple to really root for while enjoying vampire action!

8) When Doves Cry-a book that made you cry
Take a bow JK Rowling! It has to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as I blubbered my way through this book. I was distraught about Hedwig and Moody at the start but bawled like a baby over Dobby and Snape and Remus! Darn you author! *shakes fist*

9) Alphabet Street-book you've read with the longest title
Erk! I don't think any of my books have very long titles. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time would be right up there I think.

10) Controversy-a book everyone loved but you 
How long a list do you want?! Fight Club, The Girl on the Train, Hitchhikers Guide, 5th Wave,  His Dark Materials, Catch 22, The Reader, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Wicked, The Lovely Bones, Wuthering Heights, anything by Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman...endless list!


  1. Thanks for doing the tag, your answers were awesome. I agree with you about Girl on the Train. I never even read the book but I saw the movie and was not impressed. I should have mentioned Gone Girl as well, I didn't care for the book OR the movie. I love that we both mentioned dogs as characters we'd want to kiss. We know our priorities don't we???

    1. I was inspired by your choice of Smooshie, I admit it! Dogs need the cuddle more than boys in books! I hated the book of Girl on the Train...the MC was awful!

  2. Those Arisen posts you've been doing have me about ready to tackle that series! And Frost Burned is an awesome cover. And I think I'm with you on Hitchhiker's Guide- it gets SO much love and I got about halfway and was bored? Not seeing the attraction. Maybe I'll try again... someday lol.

    1. I couldn't get my cover for Frost Burned to load on the tag for some stupid blogger reason! I think you did great to get through so much of Hitchhikers...I only dipped my toe in it before running away! I so hope you enjoy the Arisen series!