Sunday, 2 April 2017

Chuckles 2017 Series Read Challenge-April

Yes this month AT LAST, I am going to start to tackle the Morganville Vampires series including all the short stories. I have only previously read Glass Houses, the first book but that was about four years ago so I'll reread that then binge read the rest of the series, probably over the next few months. It would be great to read it in one month but that seems unlikely with lots of other books I might get in the mood to read. Still, if I can get at least some of it looked at this month it's a start!

Various websites seem to disagree on the order of the short stories in the series timeline and the Rachel Caine anthology Midnight Bites has them in order that you read the short stories-but fails to say where each one slots in between full novels. That is NOT helpful when I want to read them in the right darn order!!! I would've expected more clarity from the series author. So now I'm going to have to guess plus I have various stories from the series that don't appear in Midnight Bites. Gah. Again I'll need to guess. 

But at least I'm going to get it done! It's long overdue and I feel that I either get it done this year or I'm never going to do it. Wish me luck, I'm going in!

1-Glass Houses
2-The Dead Girls Dance
3-Midnight Alley
4-Feast of Fools
5-Lord of Misrule
6-Carpe Corpus
7-Fade Out
8-Kiss of Death
9-Ghost Town
10-Bite Club
11-Last Breath
12-Black Dawn
13-Bitter Blood
14-Fall of Night
15- Daylighters

Short stories: (Midnight Bites)
Myrnin's Tale
Nothing like an Angel
Sam's Story
New Blood
The First Day of the Rest of your Life
Amelie's Story
Wrong Place Wrong Time
Dead Man Stalking
Lunch Date
All Hallows
Murdered Out
Worth Living For
Drama Queen's Last Dance
Signs and Miracles
Anger Management
Dark Rides
Pitch-Black Blues
A Whisper in the Dark
And One for the Devil 

Other Short Stories:
Eve's Diary
Let Them Eat Cake 


Sonya Bateman-Gavyn Donatti
1) Master of None #1 (previously read)
2) The Getaway #1.5 (previously read)
3) Master and Apprentice #2

Eric S Brown-Bigfoot War
1) Bigfoot War omnibus 1-3 (previously read)
2) Eric S Brown-Redneck Apocalypse
3) Eric S Brown-Zombie Apocalypse
4) Eric S Brown-After the Fall 
5) Eric S Brown-Outbreak
6) Eric S Brown-Frontier
7) Eric S Brown-Tales of the Sasquatch Apocalypse
8) Eric S Brown-The End

Jack Kilborn-Afraid
1) Afraid #1 (previously read)
2) Trapped #2
3) Endurance #3
4) Haunted House #4 

Cherie Priest-Cheshire Red Reports
1) Bloodshot #1 (previously read)
2) Hellbent #2

Patricia Briggs-Mercy Thompson
1-8 (previously read)
9) Fire Touched

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