Thursday, 13 April 2017

Book Review: The Flood by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #10)

With the tide of dead lapping at the walls of London, Major Jameson must decide whether to roll the dice and lead One Troop on a desperate mission into the fallen Russian Empire, to retrieve a designer pathogen so lethal it even kills the dead...

Miles over his head and on the precipice of failure and extinction, Wesley must lead an overmatched and under-equipped shore team through biblical fire and flood, to salvage any hope of completing the vaccine in time to save humanity...

On their final mission, a unified Alpha team fights for the ultimate fate of the world - and for their very survival, trapped at ground zero of the fall of Man, inundated by a deluge of never-before-imagined threats, and knowing that failure in their mission means extinction for the species...
"Desperation. Heroism. Survival."

My Review:
Alpha and Fick's team are on a joint mission into Hargeisa to find an early victim of the virus for Simon while Wesley is leading a team into Saudi Arabia to hunt down vital equipment. Jameson is gearing up to try and rescue Aliyez from a zombie packed Red Square as CentCom remains in meltdown.

Alpha is divided as they search the CIA outpost that Zorn shows them. Fick is concerned that two of his men may not be fit for duty but as they go across the bridge where Zack's group hit trouble (book #3.5 Genesis) they are attacked by zombie rock hyraxes which makes them worry what other zombie animals may be in Africa. They are about to find out when they enter the deserted streets of Hargeisa with Alpha and instead of finding a zombie to take back, they find very deadly packs of baboons while Alpha find something else in the hospital. Noise is having to babysit the shifty Zorn while Alpha search the hospital and Fick tries to get his wounded man evacuated back to the ship.

Wesley is disgruntled about having to lead a team into Saudi Arabia to get another piece of equipment for Simon and loses a key man in a dumb accident just as the mission begins. Now all he has to do is evade the zombies, get inside the building without attracting attention, find the equipment, check for fuel supplies and dodge the zombies to get back down to their boat. If only a zombie hadn't managed to set the building on fire...

As he crashes into Red Square, Aliyez has to get into the safety of a nearby tank before the zombies get to him, which gives him the chance to use their communications system to try and get a message through to Simon. Now he has to wait and hope that help will come. Jameson is barely coping with all the demands on him and being told by Simon to prepare a rescue mission to get Aliyez from Red Square is the last thing he wanted to hear. On hearing that the Ministry of Defence are abandoning his soldiers to flee to the Isle of Man, Jameson decides to leave his command and go with Eli and lead the team into Russia.

Handon feels isolated, thinking that it would've been better if Henno had died, fearing that he may be a rival for Sarah's affection. His paranoid jealousy makes me want to give him a good shake! He needs to get focused on the mission and not his lovelife and stop being such an idiot! Henno feels that he is not part of the team any longer and is challenging Handon's authority wherever he can. I agree with him that yet again, the mission is almost compromised by the way Handon handles Zorn. And how cool is Noise, riding into town like a warrior in battle! I love him and we need to see more of him. Aliyez continues to be a comic hero but will he ever learn to lock doors???

The action continues to be insane! We have the three animal attacks, four if you count the second baboon pack attacking later, the zombies around the hospital, the action in Red Square, the mission into Saudi much exciting action to yet again keep you on the edge of your seat. We also have the characters from the prequel novels joining forces with Alpha Team which means a lot more action in the next book as the spectre of Al Shabaab and the Russian Spetsnaz lurk on the very near horizon. Now that Alpha know where Patient Zero is, they are going to plan how to get him. Not sure how much more my nerves can take...

Another great book in this incredible zombie series!
Read February 2017. 
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  1. Ooh that cover! Looks very intense. And I love the idea of a pathogen so bad it even takes the dead out. And what's this about a flood? Yikes...

    1. The Flood part of the story was pretty exciting! And I do like that cover a lot. It's all building up nicely towards a big finale in book thirteen...