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Book Review: The Fortress by J Walker (ELE #2)

The compound reels from the arrival of unexpected newcomers and a familiar face from the world they once knew. The new arrivals reveal horrifying details of the mercenary faction that has taken control of the area southeast of the highway's divide.

Emily will face her greatest challenges yet as she struggles to come to terms with the past and the very real threat posed by this group.

Do they have what it takes to overcome this new threat while continuing to protect the integrity of the compound and it's inhabitants? 

My Review: 
I read the first book in the series in May 2016 if you want to check that out first.

Emily is shocked to see that her husband is not dead and he has rescued three pregnant girls from the compound of the armed militia that Derek previously encountered.

The arrival of Marcus is a shock to Emily who of course is pregnant by someone else but she can't seem to understand why he is upset about it. She tells him about the rape but decides not to mention her relationship with Derek which everyone else in the compound knows about. She is happy not to say a word until a tearful Marcus finds Derek's dog tags in her room and demands to know the truth. Even then Emily seems to think that Marcus is wrong to be upset and the argument between them ends in a tragic manner.

I didn't think it was possible for Emily to be more childish and whiny than she was in the first book but somehow she manages it. Just seeing women in the group with Marcus has her questioning whether he cheated on her, which is a bit of a cheek under the circumstances and she even asks him if he abused any of them. What a lovely homecoming for your poor husband! She whines non stop about being taken off active duty when she is so pregnant she can barely walk, as if nobody else is capable of looking after things without her there. She just has to be the centre of attention the whole time and she was driving me crazy. Her behaviour after the incident with Marcus after the funeral left me wondering if she ever loved her husband at all. And when Ashley objects to Emily beedding someone so soon after these events, she gets a slap in the face from her mother. Even when planning the raid she was demanding that she was the only one to kill Virtue so she could take the glory again. Selfish woman. It's all 'me me me' with her and not for the good of the compound.

So of course Emily needs a new bed to dive into and Jason proves to me more than willing just weeks later as Emily is so wonderfully attractive that no man can resist her. Important meetings about Virtue and medical disasters all have to wait while Emily chats to or screws Jason. Great leader. Getting laid is so much more important than securing the compound against attack or a dying girl. Bethany decides to give up her rapist's baby to Emily which is nice and convenient but Emily thinks it is because she is so admired by the girls. The ego on this woman is frightening. Pity the all knowing Emily wasn't paying more attention to Bethany's medical condition, fobbing off her worried questions about the fact she was bleeding after the birth without even checking her.

The one part of the book I liked was finding out more about how John got the compound set up and the secret deals he did with Virtue to ensure their safety. This was a fascinating plotline which did not get anywhere near enough attention in the book as we had to keep reading more about The Emily Show.

This book was a massive disappointment. I wanted to read about battles with Virtue's compound, dangerous raiding parties and zombie attacks but that is not what we got. It had the potential to be something really good but frankly it all centered on Emily's sex life and her self centered whining, and babies around the compound.

Frankly this whole book is literally all about sex and babies, with the zombies and madmen taking a back seat to every encounter Emily has with Jason. There are at least four pregnancies that we go through in this book and Emily spends most of the book on her back. Finding out that Emily is the centre of a love triangle in the next book was more than enough reason for me to quit this series.

Read January 2017 
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  1. I am so going to avoid this one. I don't need some whiny character in my life. Reading your review, Emily sort of gave me flashbacks about Bella Swan and I do not need any more like her in my life (sorry Twilight fans).

    1. I'd take Bella over Emily any day! I hated the woman!

  2. I feel your disappointment. It is one of the worst things going into a book expecting great things and instead you get less than what you hoped for. Hope your next read will be better.

    1. I kind of feel I've wasted my time with these series y'know? I'd hoped she was going to get better, not worse! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I give you a lot fo credit for reading book 2 with a childish whiny character! Pregnant girls in a compound it's hard to resist though. My WIP has that! :)

    1. I guess I was being optomistic...I won't make that mistake again!