Sunday, 30 April 2017

April Horror Month: The Verdict

Welcome to Horror Month at The Book Cave! I'll be reading a whole mixture of books and short stories this month all with a horror theme. There may be monsters. There will be gore! There will be death! There will be scares and excitement! *screams*

I honestly thought the month was an epic fail as I stopped with Horror Month about 10 days ago to deal with non fiction clogging up my shelves, but looking at the books and short stories I did read, it was actually pretty successful. I got six books and a ton of short stories read for my Morganville Vampires catch up, I read the whole Bigfoot War series and tackled a few other things. I'm happy enough! How did your month go?

1) Jack Kilborn-Trapped
2) Jack Kilborn-Endurance
3) Jack Kilborn-Haunted House
4) Eric S Brown-Redneck Apocalypse (read)
5) Eric S Brown-Zombie Apocalypse (read)
6) Eric S Brown-After the Fall (read)
7) Eric S Brown-Outbreak (read)
8) Eric S Brown-Frontier (read)
9) Eric S Brown-Tales of the Sasquatch Apocalypse (read)
10) Eric S Brown-The End (read)
11) Rachel Caine-Myrnin's Tale (read)
12) Rachel Caine-Nothing like an angel (read)
13) Rachel Caine-Sam's Story (read)
14) Rachel Caine-Grudge (read)
15) Rachel Caine-New Blood (read)
16) Rachel Caine-The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (read)
17) Rachel Caine-Glass Houses (read)
18) Rachel Caine-Eve's Diary (read)
19) Rachel Caine-Amelie's Story (read)
20) Rachel Caine-Dead Girls Dance (read)
21) Rachel Caine-Midnight Alley (read)
22) Rachel Caine-Wrong Place Wrong Time (read)
23) Rachel Caine-Feast of Fools (read)
24) Rachel Caine-Dead Man Stalking (read)
25) Keith RA DeCandido-Resident Evil Extinction
26) John Shirley-Resident Evil Retribution
27) SD Perry-Resident Evil The Umbrella Conspiracy
28) Thomas E. Sniegoski-The Demonists
29) Sonya Bateman-Wrong Side of Hell
30) Sonya Bateman-Master And Apprentice
31) John Ringo-Under a Graveyard Sky
32) Joseph Nassise-Eyes to See 
33) Cherie Priest-Hellbent (read)
34) Patricia Briggs-Fire Touched 
35) Daniel Parsons-Necroville (read)
36) EW Osborne-Stasis Beta (read)
37) Eric S Brown-Planet Sasquatch (read)
38) Eric S Brown-Planet Sasquatch Retaliation (read)
39) Eric S Brown-The Mech Age (read)
40) Rachel Caine-Lord of Misrule (read) 
41) Rachel Caine-Carpe Corpus (read)
42) Rachel Caine-Lunch Date (read)
43) Rachel Caine-All Hallows (read)
44) Rachel Caine-Murdered Out (read)


  1. Now I want to read all of them. LOL I'd say it was a successful month.

    1. I didn't get everything I wanted to read but that's ok. These lists are a guide to what I want to read and see how much I get through. I've moved the Jack Kilborn books to this month though as I really want to read them!

  2. That actually looks like you did pretty good! That month went by fast! Can't wait to see reviews for the Bigfoot wars...

    1. Bigfoot War reviews coming soon! I got more of the horror books done than I thought so I'm pretty happy!

  3. Wonderful! I'm excited about seeing the Bigfoot reviews as well.

    1. It'll be fun to show off the great book covers for the Bigfoot series-they are brilliant. Hopefully more time for reviews next week...