Friday, 14 April 2017

Book Review: Deathmatch by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #11)

Humanity's most fearsome enemy is no longer death.

Lurking in the bush is the dark shadow cast by the operators – a terrifying force every bit their equal in skill, ferocity, and sheer resolve… but utterly unconstrained by humanity, compassion, or brotherhood. Now, to complete their mission and save the world, the operators will have to pay with their lives, or their souls, or possibly both…

Rolling the dice on a last-ditch plan to save London by retrieving the Kazakh's zombie-annihilating virus, Jameson leads his last best men into the dragon's den – an underground bunker home to the savage and hyper-skilled Spetsnaz Alfa group. Getting out alive is a million-to-one shot – and then their real problems begin…

The world's deadliest maritime commando force were made homeless when their battlecruiser went to the bottom of the Atlantic. Now they're looking for payback – and a replacement nuclear-powered warship. But not only is the whole JFK in play - so is Dr. Park, his vaccine design, and thus the fate of the entire world…

Hope Never Dies.

My Review: 
This is the last of my reviews of the series for the moment. I read the whole series in February and have been uploading the reviews gradually this month. I haven't read book #12 yet-saving it for a rainy day and book #13 comes out later this year.

Alpha and Triple Nickel unite to get Patient Zero from the compound before the Russians get it first. Jameson leads his team to Red Square and the prospect of rescuing Aliyez from Lenin's tomb . On the JFK, the enemy have boarded and everyone is involved in private battles for survival.

Alpha are taken to Camp Davis where Jake tells them about Patient Zero in the Al Shabaab compound while Handon and Henno come to blows over their new plan. Fighting has to be put on hold when Ali sees the Spetsnaz sniper from the helicopter watching them. It looks like they have rivals in the race to get Patient Zero. Baxter thinks that al-Sif will give them the zombie now that he is in charge and he agrees if he is given safe passage to his family in Yorkshire, to the amusement of Henno. Now all they have to do is go to the compound for the exchange and hope the Russians don't gate crash the party...

Jameson's Royal Marines arrive at Red Square to look for Aliyez and realises that the Russians are waiting for them as they have been listening into their radio calls. Now they have to land somewhere and try to sneak in on foot to where Aliyez is being held hostage-in an underground vault beneath Lenin's tomb...Aliyez himself is being tortured but has not yet revealed the secrets he was carrying in his crashed helicopter.

On the JFK, as Wesley prepares for a secret mission below decks, Martin finds the engine room unattended and knows that an enemy is on board but is attacked before he can raise the alarm. Abrams sees a crew member he doesn't know on the bridge and another man appears in the hospital looking for Simon. The ship has been infiltrated and everyone rushes to battle stations. Emily finds herself alone in defence of MARSOC quarters and its vital security information. Lovell and Campbell try to rally the troops but communications are down and no help is coming.

The tension between Handon and Henno really reaches boiling point in this book and they now seem prepared to kill each other. Handon is still convinced that Sarah is cheating with Henno, who uses this jealousy to make his commander mad. I liked this tension between the characters and the way Henno knows which buttons to push to get a reaction. I have to admit that Sarah is driving me mad. She admits to herself that she has been flirting with Henno and making Handon mad at them both, and is now aware it could have consequences for the mission. To cap off her stupidity she is breaking ship rules and using ear buds so is oblivious to the alert going out and the fact that Simon is in danger again. As for Kate, she shows yet again that she is completely useless during the prisoner exchange. Gah, why can't these women be more like Ali? It is all pretty compelling though with the exception of Kate. I wish she would die!

The action does not let up in this book either. The whole prisoner exchange at the compound part of the plot is pretty exciting as things yet again go wrong for Alpha and the Russians are back and badder than ever. Helicopter battles and chase scenes make this an action packed plot. Jameson's Mission to Moscow is so tense you don't want to breathe in case you give away their position in the bunker as they search for Aliyez! My stomach was in knots as yet again, all my favourite characters are in danger...

Excellent book which keeps up the series standard. I hope to read the next book this month and prepare for the series finale later this year. 
Read February 2017.
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  1. Well, that's it. I must read this series. You've loved the books and we like the same type of stories.

    1. I'm anxiously waiting for/dreading the last book later this year! Anxious for my favourites and dreading if they die!

  2. Sounds intense with the action on the ship and with the Russians! Maybe Kate will die lol.

    1. It was pretty tense stuff! As for Kate, I can hope...