Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Book Review: The Journey by David Nelson (Blaine Family Chronicles)

Eco-terrorists have used electromagnetic pulses to knock out all power across the globe. Matt Blaine must get his family out of the city before it turns into a war zone, and to their destination, a farm 180 miles away. Their journey is fraught with danger: thieves, snipers, and a vicious gang of thugs called the Renegades.

On their way to their safe haven, the Blaine family adds a few more people to their group: a teacher, a former soldier-of-fortune, a tomahawk-throwing physical therapist, and a runaway. Dodging bullets and bandits, Blaine and Company are helped by some, and pay it forward by helping others. The question on everyone's mind is, Will they make it, and will they make it in one piece?

Travel with the Blaines as they struggle against the odds in The Journey.

My Review: 
Terrorists plant devices which blow up the infrastructure, switching the power off and plunging America into chaos. A prepper family decide it is time to make the dangerous journey to a rural property they own 180 miles away.

Matt Blaine and his friends made a joint purchase on a rural property where they would be safe and self sufficient in case of any disaster and now they will all be heading there. This book covers the journey made by Matt, wife Shelly, kids Max and Kara, along with neighbour Jim and ex military man Joe who they encounter en route. As their journey progresses they meet all kind of survivors, some helpful and friendly, but others who want to take everything they have. This leads to some dangerous encounters and tense scenes.

It is the characters that can make or break a book and I very much liked the characters here. The Blaine family are normal citizens but are also preppers who have taken steps to ensure they have somewhere to go if the city gets too dangerous. I liked that they were just an ordinary family and the kids were not whiny or annoying which was a bonus. I instantly liked Joe, the military man who was looking for a way out the city and joins up with the group. He becomes the one they turn to for advice on the journey especially when they start meeting danger. He really makes a difference to the safety of the group. I wasn't sure to start with if I was going to like Jim but he grew on me as I think he just felt lost because he lacked the skills to help them on the journey, not being a prepper or military. I liked Fritz! I wanted to see more of Fritz...he was like a kind of German Hodor who talks more, y'know, the gentle giant character?

What I don't get about the plot is why they waited so long to escape from where they lived! OK the author obviously did it so they could have a more dramatic and dangerous journey to entertain the reader, I get that but in reality anyone smart enough to have a second property to flee to would surely go there as soon as the power switched off and not weeks later when chaos reigns! Yes I do get frustrated by these things sometimes but it also shows that I care about the characters and want them to get there safely. It's a minor thing though.

I always enjoy the setting of a journey to get to the prepper retreat in this genre of books. The danger on the road, the people they meet, the dynamics of our group...I just can't get enough of these kinds of books! I bought the paperback and also the rest of the series which I have very much enjoyed so far. 
Read January 2017.
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  1. Sounds good to me. And that's a mixed bags of characters too!

    1. I'm addicted to these kind of stories!