Friday, 14 April 2017

Book Review: Coming Together by David Nelson (Blaine Family Chronicles #2)

It's TEOTWAWKI- The End Of The World As We Know It. Matt Blaine's fears have been realized: EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) have knocked out all power across the globe. Now his "Disaster Circle" buddies, Rondell Mixon, Lonnie Llewellyn, and Frank Marshall, must make their way to the safety of Matt's secluded farm near the shores of Lake Huron.

Traveling from various points across Michigan's mitten, they all have to deal with adversity- thieves, rapists, weather, injuries, and a gang of raiders calling themselves the Vikings. With communications nonexistent, they have no way of knowing if the others will make it to their destination. They all meet new people- a teacher, a survivalist wannabe, an expectant couple, and a pair of hiking enthusiasts. Dodging bullets and bandits, the Disaster Circle members are helped by some, and pay it forward by helping others. The question on everyone's mind is, Will they all make it to the farm, and will they make it in one piece?

Travel with Matt's friends as they struggle to come together.

My Review: 
In book one we follow the Blaine family as they set out to try and get to their shared property-and safety from the society collapse. In this second book we follow the fortunes of their friends on their own dangerous journeys.

Rondell is at work when he senses that things are going wrong and he hurries home to find wife Melinda getting the kids ready to leave. They head off to their boat and have to evade an armed man to get away. They encounter a pregnant woman Megan and her obnoxious husband Tyler who are in need of their help.

Lonnie and son Eddie have a specially prepared sail wagon and are loading it when Eddie's teacher Marge comes by, asking if she can go with them. When Lonnie catches men trying to steal from the sail boat for a second time, one of them is more interested in Marge than anything else. Her past is catching up with her and places them all in danger.

Frank is a disillusioned banker who is alone while his wife and kids are visiting relatives in Seattle. Now that the disaster has come, he faces a long journey on his own and the prospect of never seeing his family again. He picks up a hitchhiker named Pug who might be more trouble than he is worth as he knows nothing about survival.

This is just the start of the trials that the three groups are going to face on their journey. While they find help from groups of kind hearted survivors along the way, they are also faced with the worst that society has to offer. A gang of raiders are working their way from town to town, men with guns hiding in the trees looking to kill people to steal their supplies, along with thieves and rapists make it a long and difficult road for the people. Having to deal with an impending birth and various injuries along the way makes it difficult to reach their destination.

I liked the MCs as they are good people who just want to be left alone and get to their save haven. They meet up with other decent people along the way who prove to be invaluable when they are in need. I liked seeing that some people did form into communities to defend themselves and try to start over with a new life, and that others were prepared to offer help to complete strangers. Of course the book does cover encounters with people who decide to use the apocalypse to indulge themselves in crime but you expect that in this kind of book, although it is not graphic. At times I felt that our survivors were a little too trusting on meeting new people but maybe that is because I am a suspicious antisocial kind of person...

This was another short and easy read that I got through in one night. I have continued on with the series and am still enjoying it, and will get my reviews done when time allows.
Read January 2017.
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  1. I would've never expected an apocalypse type book just looking at this cover. I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

    1. I've read the third book (review tomorrow) and hope to get reading four and five very soon!

  2. Oh, I need to check out this series! I grew up in Michigan and love this genre. Thanks for the review!

    1. It's fun when a book is written about somewhere you are familiar much easier to imagine the area and where they are going.