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Book Review: Nemesis by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #8.5)

Between the fall of man and the arrival of the JFK, the Horn of Africa is a battleground.
"Salvation. Vengeance. Vanity."

My Review: 
This book follows on from the Arisen book #3.5 Genesis and continues the story of the original outbreak in Africa. It becomes relevant to the main Arisen series when it reaches book #10 The Flood. So read Genesis and Nemesis before The Flood!

Kate arrives at Camp Lemonnier for an eight month deployment with Triple Nickel just as the base comes under attack. A recon team is missing, the local hospital is lost, there are guns on the street and the epedemic is causing panic. Triple Nickel are forbidden to go on a rescue mission but as they are gearing up, the dead invade the camp and all hell breaks loose...

This book covers a changing timeline. It starts with Kate's arrival, the zombie attack on the Camp and the escape. It then jumps forward 18 months to the rural Camp Price that the survivors have set up while they watch a zombie horde coming their way and hoping it passes by without finding them. But life is about to get dangerous when a drone flies over their camp, exposing their existence to Al Shabaab at the compound. It's likely that the enemy will be coming to get them so it is decided that with their smaller numbers, an ambush will be the best option to stop an attack on Camp Price. But to even attempt that they will need the big weapons back at Camp Lemonnier, an area overrun with zombies. Time is also short with the big zombie horde closing in...

We also follow our CIA survivors from Genesis, Zach and Baxter. They were given sanctuary by Al Shabaab in exchange for use of their drone which kept them alive but both men fear that the paranoid leader no longer trusts or needs them which leaves them fearing for their lives and looking to escape. When they see the Special Forces group in Camp Price, it gives them hope that there is somewhere to go if they can escape. Al Shabaab are well aware that Camp Lemonnier might be a target for the group they have spotted and it will be a race to see who gets there first...

We also get vital information in this book concerning how the virus broke out. I'm not going to spoil it in case you read the series but call it a crazy accident. Now Al Shabaab have a big secret in the Compound that Zach has discoverd-information that will be vital in the search for a cure if Zach can escape. I really enjoyed getting this background to the virus which fills in the gaps from Arisen. Brendan is a good leader, similar in my mind to Handon in the Arisen books, viewed sometimes as too soft by Jake, the indestructable warrior of the group who likes to do his own thing. The dynamic between them was similar to the mistrust between Handon and Henno but not quite as volatile. Todd is a great character-the laidback surfer dude guy that everyone likes. He was my favourite in this book.

Kate is the first character in the Arisen series that I seriously disliked and didn't care if she lived or died. She is supposed to be Special Forces but she is totally useless. She stands about in a daze the whole time when things are happening around her instead of adapting and getting on with it like the rest of the team. She cannot seem to do basic weapons functions as shown when she is to shoot out the gate for their escape. Instead of hitting that big target she somehow manages to blow up the gatehouse and kills two soldiers. Then she starts to cry. Seriously??? Todd has to keep telling her what to do ie 'shoot the zombies' or 'shoot the gate before we crash into it' while she worries about her hat blowing off. On their escape she drives looking behind her and almost puts them into a ditch, and then nearly knocks down some fleeing kids by not paying attention again. With a man trapped inside a crashed vehicle and zombies in it, is Kate rushing to his aid? Nope, she is thinking how hot Jake is. WTF??? If this woman got through Special Forces training then I question their selection methods.

Despite my contempt for Kate this is still a darn good book. It may be different characters from the main Arisen series but the action is just as crazy and everything is pretty exciting. The battle scenes in this book are numerous as you would expect from this series and they are so tense and well written. The Compound battle was brilliant with so much happening that it made my head spin. It is impossible to predict what is going to happen in these books and twists are around every corner which makes it another compelling read. Who will survive the battle?

Another great Arisen read!
Read February 2017.
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  1. Sounds awesome as the rest. :) And I like how there's info about the virus- too often in zomb stories we never get any info on what might have CAUSED the thing (looking at you Walking Dead).

    1. I liked the reveal about how the virus began and the way this book sets up what happens in the rest of the series. I can't love this series any more!

  2. I'm going to go grab the first book and see how it goes. I keep reading your reviews and then forgetting to go get it!