Thursday, 6 April 2017

Book Review: Death of Empires by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #7)

My Review:
The surprise attack by the Russian ship shocks everyone and the crew battle to get things back under control with the loss of a key man. An outbreak inside CentCom threatens the safety of London and the Tunnel survivors are planning how to escape from the city which no longer seems safe. Wesley gets the mission of killing the remaining zombies below decks while Juice readies his team to go ashore for supplies from the naval base. Homer is convinced that the threat to the JFK is bigger than anyone realises and decides to take action while Ali races the Russian helicopter to try and save a downed F35 pilot.

The Russian ship in the dock launches an attack on the JFK but flee as they are unaware the JFK cannot fight back, and Drake knows that they will back if they realise this and the JFK will be doomed. Homer warns Drake that each Russian ship has a unit of Spetsnaz special forces who will either attack the ship or the onshore party but Drake is not ready to listen to him. Wesley leads him team through the ship and finds an infected man for Simon to use as a test subject for his cure. Drake watches grimly as the Russian ship begins to turn around and will be able to fire on them in thirty minutes.

Grews decides to pull rank and avoid quarantine when tests show he is clear of infection but when he wakes up feeling ill, he realises what a terrible mistake he has just made. When someone comes to check on him, Grews attacks him and an outbreak within CentCom itself begins. Mayes is completely unprepared for the disaster which is about to unfold around him. Jameson's team arrive back in London just as the new outbreak begins. The Tunnel survivors witness an armed raid on the relocation centre and no longer feel safe in the city. They meet Rebecca as she flees her home with the children, and she tells them that the city is on lockdown and they cannot leave.

Juice has been chosen to lead the onshore supply raid in the wake of a terrible loss for Fick's team. He has accidently triggered a bomb and considers giving up until he sees the supplies that the JFK needs and starts disarming it. It turns out that the bomb and zombies in the area are going to be the least of their worries as things take a deadly turn.

A miscalculation of the Russian weaponry on their ship dooms two F35's and a dangerous race begins to see if Ali can beat the Russians to the one living pilot stranded in the sea. Homer decides to enlist the rest of Alpha Team to assist him as he goes swimming to check for any underwater activity that might threaten the ship, fearing that mines or divers could be lurking under the ship. He is about to find more than he bargained for...

I've seen this book described in reviews as a lesser book in the series but I enjoyed this one as much as the others that come before and after it in the series. It still has the same kickass action as various members of Alpha Team are locked in deadly situations on the JFK and on land and CentCom is falling apart. These guys really cannot catch a break but that is what makes it exciting! I loved the CentCom outbreak which shows that the failure to follow safety procedures for quarantine will lead to many deaths. Having the Russians turn hostile with no warning was also a nice twist and added more tension to the plot. These guys are nasty!

I liked seeing Juice getting his chance to shine on a mission, and the fact that he was feeling scared about it and not feeling that he was as good as the other members of Alpha. He was well aware that he was chosen to lead the mission because he was seen as the most expendable, which is sad because I like Juice! I liked seeing a different side to a kickass soldier. I liked seeing how his head injury was starting to wear on Drake and his mistakes put the entire mission at risk. And seriously, when are people going to start listening to Homer??? He was right about the danger from the extremists back in book two which Drake ignored, causing an outbreak of zombies and the almost fatal beaching of the ship. Now is history going to repeat itself? I was also wondering what happened to Anderson so that question is also answered.

Another excellent book in the series!

Read February 2017.
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  1. Man this sounds like it has a breakneck pace! I love the sound of this series (can you catch a breath??) and may have to try these. Sounds like a blast.

    1. It is a very fast paced series from start to finish...always something going on! I love this series! The final book is due out later this year so that means new readers can binge read the lot!