Sunday, 16 April 2017

Book Review: A Long Road Ahead by David Nelson (Blaine Family Chronicles #3)

It's been a year since electromagnetic pulses knocked out all power across the globe. With the push of a button, life had gone from structured to unpredictable. Matt Blaine and his family and friends have been making the best of a bad situation...but more surprises are headed their way; some good, some bad. But some things never change: life begins and life ends.

In an effort to help rebuild society in his part of the world, Matt comes up with a plan to reconnect communities. But, will it succeed? Only time will tell.

Slowly, progress is being made everyday, but they still have a long road ahead.

My Review: 
We join the group of survivors a year after the apocalypse as they are trying to rebuild their lives. Joe has married Emma who is pregnant while Lonnie and Marge, also married have a new baby to look after. Pug is helping Megan to look after her baby while Eddie is unaware that Amy is interested in him. Life is getting back to some kind of normal. The arrival of James with a surprise guest helps to raise the spirits of the group.

Matt has his own project to start trading with other towns and settlements in the nearby areas to ensure that everyone has food and other supplies. There are still people out there trying to survive by robbing others so the roads are not yet safe and Matt ponders a railway link instead. There are several dangerous encounters with people that Matt would rather avoid but linking up with these communities means that it is a chance to see old friends from the journey to the ranch.

It is not all plain sailing though and their new environment tests them when Eddie has a nasty accident, and cougar prints are spotted near their home. There is also the unpleasant spectre of Amy's evil uncle who is tracking her down to get revenge for the beating that he took for abusing her.

This is a shorter book than the first two, more of a short novella to move the story onwards but it was still an enjoyable quick read.

Read January 2017. 
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