Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Book Review: The Horizon by Michael Stephen Fuchs (Arisen #6)

Mission complete, Alpha team enjoys their first chance to breathe and tend to their humanity. But the darkness leaves them alone with their demons - and those who have found love may yet learn that it is fatally incompatible with duty...

The JFK steams for Africa, despite rumors of lone Zulus still wandering below decks. But when Dr. Park and Sarah Cameron are trapped in an isolated compartment, they learn that one Zulu can kill you just as dead as ten million - while up on the flight deck, a lone assassin inflicts horrific damage on the hopes for a cure...

Amarie and the Tunnelers find themselves resettled in a chillingly post-Apocalyptic London, where mini-outbreaks are hushed up, and the displaced will cut your throat just to take your shoes - all as history's largest fixed fortification goes up along the M25 ring-road around the Capital...

Lieutenant Jameson and his battered Royal Marines launch by air to retrieve a rare biomedical device, which is indispensable to developing a vaccine - but which lies buried at the center of a perilously rotting structure in a city of millions (all dead). When the walls come down, and the horde descends, Jameson may be the last man standing - and his only chance of survival lies with a lone Apache pilot who refuses to obey her orders to abandon him...

Hope survives - but the story of humanity is not yet written.

My Review:
In the aftermath of the Battle of the JFK, everyone is dealing with the recent stress overload and the fear that zombies may still be hiding on board. CentCom is overloaded with new outbreaks while London is falling apart as law and order breaks down. An attempt to bring equipment and people to help Simon ends in disaster as he battles to stay alive below decks with Sarah, unarmed against the zombies. Alpha Team are starting to unravel as personal issues get in the way of the mission and the British are sent on a deadly mission into the heart of Germany.

Ali is reconsidering her relationship with Homer while Handon's jealousy may destroy his relationship with Sarah. Henno is losing faith in Handon as a leader. Wesley discovers a zombie in the toilet block of the JFK and a simple trip to the ship's stores turns into a life and death struggle for Sarah and Simon as zombie remnants continue to spread terror and death below decks. As the plane with Simon's supplies lands, a lone religious extremist tries to sabotage the mission, bringing terror to the flight deck once more. Fick's group are preparing to do a supply run in South Africa but as they pull up towards the port, they are all intrigued to see a Russian warship docked there.

CentCom are tracking new outbreaks along the English south coast which threaten the London safe zone and Charlotte finds her base deserted when she lands after tackling zombie hordes nearby. The Tunnel survivors fear for their safety as fights and small zombie outbreaks are hitting the capital while Rebecca, Ainsley's widow watches fearfully from her home, unaware yet of her husband's death or her brother Alan fighting zombies on his Portsmouth farm. Grews helicopter has crashed in the combat zone and he awaits help as the zombies close in

Jameson's group are sent to quarantine in London where they are told they must insert into Germany to get the vital equipment that Simon has lost or there is no hope of a cure. Along with Eli, Jameson lands in Dusseldorf hoping to get in and out of the building with the machine before the zombies notice that they are there but it does not go to plan and Jameson faces his own mortality trapped alone in a building swarming with zombies.

While the pace of the book starts a little slower so everyone can recover from the deadly battle, it does not stay that way for long. The JFK may be on the move again thanks to Martin and The Murphy but tension is high as personal demons threaten to open rifts in Alpha Team while they prepare for the mission in Africa to locate Patient Zero. The action soon starts up again as Sarah makes the decision to go to the stores unarmed with Simon and finds that they may not live to regret her mistake. Seriously what are you doing woman??? As the others wonder why Simon is not there to greet the arriving scientists, hell breaks loose on deck as a religious extremist tries to kill the new arrivals to sabotage any chance of a cure. I had wondered if they had dealt with all the idiots from the early books and I got my answer in dramatic style here!

I loved the introduction of Noise, a Sikh warrior and pilot who has flown the scientists into a war zone on the JFK. He is seriously cool and deadly! I loved the tension of the mission in Dusseldorf and my fear for Jameson and Eli, two of my favourite characters, while enjoying watching Sarah and Simon in the dark bowels of the ship trying to stay alive. Lots of tension, lots of action and the brilliant writing of the authors made this a great follow up to the raging battle in book five. There is nothing boring about this series!

I read these books in February but am just getting time and blog space to review them now.  

Read February 2017
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  1. Noise sounds like a really cool characters and Cass would certainly love the cover on this book - birds! Nice review.

    1. Noise is a very cool character-nice to see a Sikh character for a change! Cass, leave the birds!!!