Monday, 16 March 2015

New Release: The Fall of Bacchus by Ken Mooney

A father paces, ready to give his daughter away to the man of her dreams.

But an old enemy awaits their happy moment, an unwelcome guest at the wedding and she cannot wait to pay her respects to the bride.

In Godhead, Ken Mooney brought the Greek gods to life in the present day; now, discover more about their world in Stories From The Last Olympiad.

The Fall Of Bacchus is a short flash-fiction companion piece to Godhead; this story takes place after the fall of Olympus, but before the novel's present.

Please note: this is a work of less than 1000 words that was previously available on other sites. It has been published on Kindle at the request of fans of The Last Olympiad who want to complete their collection.As a bonus, The Fall Of Bacchus also includes the opening section of Godhead.

Where Can I buy this book? 

About the Author!

Ken Mooney was born in Dublin in the middle of the 1980s; he still lives there. He holds a degree in English Studies from TCD, which he totally uses every day during his day-job in TV advertising...totally.

He's always been obsessed with stories, reading, writing and playing them; that explains the massive collection of books, comics, video games and discarded Word documents. His writing is a combination of all the things that he's passionate about, all the way through high-and-low-brow. 


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