Monday, 23 March 2015

Cover Love: Purple Pretties!

We all love to look at our gorgeous book covers don't we? We love to browse the beautiful books on the shelves and the nicer the cover, the more likely we are to pick it up to look at the blurb, and perhaps make that purchase. So welcome to Cover Love where I will celebrate all things cover related-the best books with certain coloured covers, a series with beautiful covers, books that made me buy it based partially on the covers, great books that need better covers, covers that were better than the books and so much more!

This week I have chosen to highlight some of the gorgeous purple covers that I have from across all the genres that I read. Please note that this is based on my opinion of the cover and not the book so I may be featuring books I did not enjoy or haven't read yet! No plot spoilers please! 
Have you read any of them? Which covers do you like best? If you have done a similar post, give us your link and we can stop by.  


  1. Oooo. Okay, so I don't know if all these book are as good as their covers are beautiful, but I'm liking them. lol.

    1. I love looking at all the gorgeous covers of books I've read or want to read! I plan to do green, red, blue, gold etc over the next few weeks!

  2. This is so pretty seeing all those purple coloured covers in one post! I actually have read a few books in this list, like Bitten., Industrial Magic and Venom.