Sunday, 29 March 2015

Book Review: Contamination-The Onset by TW Piperbrook (Contamination #1)

White Mist, New Mexico
Population: 1

After the murders of his wife and daughter, Sam Cooke is rebuilding a peaceful life as White Mist’s sole resident. Without warning, a strange man enters his store, and Sam is attacked and forced to flee town.

Noah and Kendall just finished moving a young couple from Las Vegas to Albuquerque. On the return trip, they stumble upon a bloody scene in a small southwestern town. They are soon entangled in a struggle for survival, accompanied by the frightened storeowner of White Mist and a mysterious girl.

The infected are taking over. The contamination has begun….

My Review:
This book was a bit disappointing after enjoying the prequel book a lot more. This book lacks the tension and tight plot that the other book had. The book seems to involve a haphazard plot that doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. Our heroes are running around the place getting chased but never seem to get very far. We get hints about how this outbreak started with contaminated meat and a slight suggestion that the trucker at Sam's place might have been transporting it but we don't really see how that has caused these attacks we are witnessing. We get very little about the reasons behind what is happening and I find it all a bit frustrating.

If the meat has turned ordinary people into psycho monsters, why do these creatures get described in a way that makes you think they have paranormal abilities? Sam talks about the creature appearing out of nowhere as if it was a spirit made out of dark mist that can disappear on you. How does that make sense? That was the image I got in my head each time they appeared-mist creatures like The Fog who become flesh to attack you then fade away again. It doesn't really fit with the zombie type creatures we saw in the prequel.

While I liked Sam and the boys, I never saw the point of Delta. Why would you drive all the way to this guy's house just to tell him that the killer of his family, your father, is dead??? Send a letter! Has it occured to her that she might be the last face he wants to see since he saw her in court when the killer was sentenced? Delta just does not interest me and I see little point to her. I never felt connected to her or her story and didn't really care what happened to her.

This felt more like a B Movie than a zombie novel and while I would like to know what happens to Sam, and I'm keen to see Dan again, I'm concerned about what I'll think about the rest of the series. 
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