Friday, 27 March 2015

Book Review: Fat Vampire 3 by Johnny B Truant

The story of Reginald -- the world's slowest, weakest, most out-of-shape vampire -- continues in this third installment of the FAT VAMPIRE series…

Following the infamous "Ring of Fire" incident, the world's vampires are in a state of panic. Having been commanded by their creators to restore a better balance between humans and vampires, panicked bloodsuckers everywhere have begun "restoring" in the best ways they know -- by killing huge numbers of humans and turning the rest.

As more and more vampires go rogue and threaten to wage war, two-thousand-year-old Maurice's power as Deacon comes under fire, as the tens of thousands who hate him begin to rally together. And all the while, the Vampire Nation is falling apart, tumbling into chaos... as a war threatens to break, and as Reginald begins to discover some strange new supervampire abilities...

Will the center hold? Or will chaos overtake the Nation before Reginald even has a chance to eat that pizza he ordered?

My Review:
Reginald knows that he and Maurice have screwed up by not paying enough attention to the small law changes that Charles has tagged onto the laws Maurice has passed. These changes have gradually increased the power of Fangbook over law changes and gradually reduced the areas the Deacon can control, meaning the veto Maurice has is pretty worthless. Reginald feels angry with himself for taking his eye off the ball and not noticing the subtle changes.

The vampire world is in uproar and they take the Angels message as a warning that they are not killing enough humans. Suddenly vampires are on a murderous rampage and humans are being openly slaughtered. Our gang are alarmed at the anarchy and bloodshed but nobody heeds their plea for calm, preferring to follow Charles as he lets the Council itself run wild. The streets are unsafe and Reginald is worried for the safety of Claire and Victoria. Vigilante vampire hunter groups are now out on the street and they are determined to kill anyone with fangs which is bad news for a fat vampire who can't run away.

As usual there is a lot of good humour in the book. Reginald's encounter with the vampire hunters is funny. The thought of him stuck headfirst in a manhole shouting insults at redneck slayers who are firing bullets at his butt is hilarious! The insults that he hurls at the rednecks while claiming to have slept with every female they know were really funny. I couldn't stop laughing at his brilliant escape plan either! Brilliant entertainment! Reginald is The Man!

It was nice to also find out a bit more about Maurice and his private life and of course Nikki has now had to become a vampire for her own safety as the war is about to start. Her insatiable appetite for blood and sex is depressing Reginald as much as his own failings. I enjoy all the references to Fangbook and wish we could actually read what is posted there! I figure it would be pretty entertaining and much better than Facebook. I love the characters and I'm always wondering what the next disaster will be for poor Reginald! 
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    1. Six books...each one is about 150-200 pages long so I can generally get through one a night. I've still to put the reviews up for the last three books which I plan to do this week.