Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chuckles Does D.I.Y

Today has been a pretty tough day at the bookcase. My bedroom with it's lack of space combined with too many books, dvds etc has left it looking like Hell, where you are likely to trip over something without GPS assistance. For two years a pile of wood has sat in the hall, waiting to become a big TV unit that my dad and I are putting together ourselves. Thankfully my dad worked with wood as a living so he knows what he is doing and I'm trying not to get in the way but it has been slow going!

First is the lack of room to work with. All the stuff from the old unit is on the floor meaning there is barely room to put the old and new units back to back to get the TV and other electrical stuff moved over from one unit to the other. I am determined NOT to unplug everything because with my dodgy short term memory, I will never remember what was connected to what and nothing will work later tonight! So everything is still attached and there are cables everywhere. It is a horror show!

Secondly, we built the unit downstairs and then went to lift it up the stairs-we're both strong enough to lift it and we got it into realise it was too tall to get through the hall to GET to the stairs. We had to unscrew the top shelf and everything to get it upstairs. When my dad went to put the shelf back on,  something has happened and there are gaps where the shelves are meant to be attached to the frame. That took a lot of effort to fix-the obese figure of Chuckles sitting on her butt on the floor, back to the shelf unit and feet wedged against both sides of the doorframe like a woman in labour pushing like mad while my dad drilled emergency holes to fill the gap was NOT a pretty sight!!! Then we had missing screwdrivers, missing screws, wobbly brackets...ARRGGHH!

Moving the actual electrical appliances back was a piece of cake after that! So the new TV unit is in place at last and it looks great. We finished after nearly 5 hours of hard work and I'm off to get food and pain relief!

D.I.Y? Get someone else to do it instead!


  1. Replies
    1. It was a relief to get the best into place! The old unit was smaller but deeper and I now need to get rid of or find a new home for that stuff! My back is so sore that I think it'll be the weekend before I tackle any of that!

  2. I am glad you finally got them installed. I am the electronic guru in my home so I know what a hassle that mess can be - between TV, stereo, DVD, satellite, and gaming systems, what a mess. Enjoy your shelves!

    1. There is a big pile of stuff sitting on the floor now that I need to sort into keep, charity shop or bin-but I can't seem to get motivated to do it yet!