Friday, 27 March 2015

Book Review: Fat Vampire 2 by Johnny B Truant

The story of Reginald -- the world's slowest, weakest, most out-of-shape vampire -- continues in this second installment of the FAT VAMPIRE series… 

It's been six months since fast-food-addicted Reginald Baskin was turned into a vampire too fat to live peacefully amongst the glamorous undead -- six months in which Reginald and his two-thousand-year-old maker Maurice have learned that power doesn't equal popularity. Sure, Maurice is now calling the shots, but the Council is up to new and dirty tricks, threatening to once again upset the balance…But when the Vampire Nation faces genocidal violence at the hands of an unstoppable force and the very future of vampirekind is threatened, Reginald, Maurice, and Nikki must find their allies elsewhere… buried deep underground in a foreign land.

As is the case for the follow-up to any epic tale, Fat Vampire 2 isn't afraid to ask (and answer) the truly important questions in literature and in life:

* Where did vampires come from, and can they possibly survive a force that bests them at every turn... that may even know them better than they know themselves?
* Is there a war coming... and if so, who will ally with whom?
* Why is Wilford Brimley in Reginald's kitchen?
* Is that an incubus in your pocket, or is it just really damn cold in here? 

My Review:
You would think that after coming up with a great plan to overthrow the Vampire Council leader, saving himself, Maurice and Nikki, that things would get better for Reginald. Er, no.

Firstly he is tortured during a treadmill demonstration by an incubus who says that recent bombings at the Vampire Council were a warning by the Angels that changes were to be made. Maurice refuses to lead the council, sending a proxy and not caring much as long as he can veto stupid laws that he and Reginald don't approve of, and makes his fat vampire's life miserable by insisting he take gymnastics lessons with Claire. Their arch enemy Charles does everything he can to undermine their leadership and almost everyone still wants Reginald dead.

I'm so enjoying this series! The humour that made the first book so much fun continues here with Reginald's treadmill episode and having to wear a T Shirt that proclaims 'I, The Jiggy Motherfucker' which had me choking on my hot chocolate! The gymnastics lessons are really funny, as poor Reginald has Claire and her mother for an audience and the more Reginald pranced around showing off his moves, the more I laughed! He really would be a great guy to just hang out with. I'd happily watch Columbo with him and share a few pizzas! I also loved the office party scene where Reginald gets his own back on an office bully.

There are lots of laughs and sniggers throughout the book but it also has a good story to it. Reginald is still moping about being the worst vampire ever and is reluctantly trying to expand his powers. Maurice is sulking around like a goth kid and refusing to do most of his Deacon duties, allowing Charles to plot against them. Nikki is preparing to become a vampire and cements her position as Reginald's girlfriend. We also have the threat of the Angels and why they are killing vampires, something that only Reginald has the brains to tackle.

I can't get enough of the adventures of Reginald Baskin... 
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  1. Oh this series sounds like it is a hoot from those I've heard read it. Glad you are enjoying it as well. :)

    1. I like Reginald because he is easy to relate to. There are some really funny bits to enjoy and I don't usually like these vampire humour books.