Friday, 16 October 2015

The Best of Zombie Fiction #2

Welcome to my best of zombie fiction! I read a TON of zombie stuff from traditionally published and self published authors, authors who offer free stuff on the internet or who have published with indie publishers. I will try most zombie stuff especially if it is free and over the last few years I have found some great reads. Now it is time to start sharing them with you! You may have read some or all of them but it's a good excuse to talk about them...

1) Keith C Blackmore-Mountain Man
Gus in the anti-hero-overweight, alcoholic, talks to bottle of spirits, but he is funny and the zombie action is constant and exciting as he goes on frequent supply runs back into town. If you want to try Gus free, grab the prequel story The Hospital, which I got free on Amazon. 

2) Claire C Riley-Odium
What do you do when you are ejected from a safe zone to fend for yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Where do you go? What do you do? How do you survive when other humans are just as deadly as the zombies? Nina is about to find out. Well written zombie apocalypse story with romance and death. Don't forget to grab the prequel story about how Nina got to the safe zone. It is in the anthology

3) MR Carey-The Girl with all the Gifts
Melanie is very special and her class is not just in the classroom to learn-they are to be studied. But when the zombies hordes outside the fence of the army base break through, those who were enemies have to work together to survive. This was a totally different and fascinating look at zombies and what scientists have to do to find a cure. 

4) JT Sawyer-First Wave 
Special Forces veteran Travis is on a nice relaxing canyon rafting trip when his group suddenly find themselves in a zombie outbreak. Sticking together, they must evade zombies, hostile humans and dangerous criminals swarming over the border. I like these group survival books but the story is much more complex and exciting than just hiding from zombies. 

5) RJ Spears-Forget the Alamo 
Cops and tourists seek refuge from the zombies in The Alamo, which although secure soon becomes a trap they are surrounded in. When the group hear than the military plans to bomb all the major cities they know they have a limited time to escape the city or die. This novella was a rollercoaster of non stop zombie action and I really enjoyed the ride!  

6) Jason Kristopher-The Dying of the Light: End
Teams of specially trained zombie hunters wait on military bases to be sent to mini outbreaks to stop them spreading. But as the outbreaks increase in size and frequency, it becomes clear that the big apocalypse could be coming and they might not be able to stop it. It was great to get the POV of those fighting the zombies. Tension, action and great characters! 

7) Shannon Mayer-Sundered
The miracle cure for weight loss, infertility etc is here and everyone wants it-but those who take it become cannibal monsters who target the uninfected. Mara and Seb must fortify their home and find a way to survive. This one was more about the characters and less about the zombie like creatures ripping people apart. Those who like 'lighter' zombie fiction will like this. 

8) Steven Jenkins-Burn the Dead 
Rob burns zombies in a morgue for a living but his world turns upside down when his wife is one of them. Now he faces breaking into a quarantine zone to find his missing son Sammy. I like that Rob is a normal guy who gets tired and makes mistakes as you can really relate to him. This was a recent and enjoyable read! 

9) Dirk Patton-Voodoo Plague 
John is in Atlanta when terrorists attack USA with nerve gas that turns people into zombies. Now he has a dangerous journey back to Arizona to find his wife. This was a great zombie road movie style book with zombies, rednecks, human filth and military men to encounter. It was a fast paced zombie thriller. 

10) Eva Gordon-Apocalyptic Moon 
A witch and a werewolf are trapped in a mad scientists lab while a zombie apocalypse occurs and they must work together to escape. This was a bit different, having the elements of an untrained novice witch, an alpha wolf and the zombies. It was a decent read. Part zombie thriller part paranormal romance. 


  1. I have only read the Girl with all the Gifts which I totally loved, it was incredible. This is a great list will def have a look at the others!

    1. That was a good book! It would make a really good film if they get a good cast for it!