Sunday, 25 October 2015

Spooky Booky Month Update #3

Welcome to my Spooky Booky month update! This month I am only reading books with a spooky, gory or monster theme. Hopefully I might even get a chance to watch a few similar themed films if time allows! Here is my progress for the last week! It's not greatly impressive because I just didn't seem to get myself motivated this week.


Jeff Liboiron-Fenix Rising

Craig Halloran-Zombie Day Care 

Luke Shephard-The Last Hope

Keith Soares-The Oasis of Filth

Kathryn Meyer Griffith-Dinosaur Lake


  1. Zombie day care sounds intriguing, will go and check out!

    1. Sadly I didn't like any of these books this weeks. Oh well, better luck with the next bunch!