Friday, 30 October 2015

Book Review: Rotten Bodies by Steven Jenkins

We all fear death’s dark spectre, but in a zombie apocalypse, dying is a privilege reserved for the lucky few. There are worse things than a bullet to the brain—much worse.

The dead are walking, and they’re hungry. Steven Jenkins, bestselling author of Fourteen Days and Burn The Dead, shares six zombie tales that are rotten for all the right reasons.

Meet Dave, a husband and father with a dirty secret, who quickly discovers that lies aren’t only dangerous…they’re deadly. Athlete Sarah once ran for glory, but when she finds herself alone on a country road with an injured knee, second place is as good as last. Working in a cremation facility, Rob likes to peek secretly at the faces of his inventory before they’re turned to ash. When it comes to workplace health and sanity, however, some rules are better left unbroken. Howard, shovelling coal in the darkness of a Welsh coalmine, knows something’s amiss when his colleagues begin to disappear. But it’s when the lights come on that things get truly scary.

Six different takes on the undead, from the grotesque to the downright terrifying. But reader beware: as the groans get louder and the twitching starts, you’ll be dying to reach the final page. 

My Review:
I picked this book up free and I'm glad I did because there are some good stories in it.

1) I am dead
A man recently turned into a zombie ponders his new senses and decides to target fat people. I laughed at the very last line of the story which I thought was a great ending!

2) Room 503
Dave is in a hotel room with his mistress Jenni when the apocalypse comes. She won't leave the hotel and Dave doesn't want to leave her but needs to get home to check on his wife and kid. This book flirts with the morality of Dave's position as well as being a pretty good zombie story. Dave isn't the smartest guy in the world so it makes his dumb actions quite exciting to read. I liked this one.

3) Run
Sarah is a fitness instructor with a dodgy knee who is being chased by a determined zombie. Sarah is concerned that her knee will give out before she reaches help. This one was ok to read but not as good as the other two so far.

4) Burning Ambition
This was expanded into a novel called Burn the Dead: Quarantine. This short story can be read without spoiling the novel and I really recommend the novel! Rob is the man who burns the zombies at the morgue and gets a shock when one of them is familiar. Great story!

5) The Pit
What do you do when you are stuck down a coal mine that is full of zombies and missing co-workers? One man is determined to escape to the surface. I liked this one as well-good tension and zombie action.

6) Simon Dunn: Former Zombie
Simon is musing over everyone that he ate before he was cured and finally got a job. Distrusted by his co-workers, he is upset by their prejudice. I loved the concept that if a zombie eats enough people, it kills the virus and he is human again. I would like to see a longer version of this as it has great potential.

I very much enjoyed this zombie selection and will certainly be keeping my eye out for more books by this author. I like the way he puts a story together, his characters are interesting and the zombie action is exciting. This is an author in the genre who is worth following.
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  1. What an absolutely gruesome cover. Glad you enjoyed it!