Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Book Review: Crash by Michael Robertson (Crash #1)

Chris' life of luxury is gone, devastated by the collapse of the European economy. Gas, water, and electricity are all cut off. Food is running out. Even his wife and daughter have gone. Huddled in the smallest room of their lavish house with his petrified and dirty eight-year-old son, Chris has made the decision to stay put. A small army of psychotic scavengers is outside, hell-bent on making the once-privileged pay. Chris now knows that not leaving when he had the option was the worst decision of his life.

Cowering in his home, he watches as his neighbours are dragged into the street and brutally executed. The scavengers have one more house to go, and then it will be his turn. He has to act fast, or he and his son will meet the same fate. Driven by the need to survive, Chris has decided to keep secrets from his son. Secrets that will make all of the events up until this point seem trivial. Secrets that, one way or another, will come out before the day is done.

My Review:
Chris and his son Michael are hiding in what was once his posh house, when the looters finally arrive. Michael watches as their neighbours are rounded up-the women are put in a cage on one of the trucks, the men and children are killed. And the looters are gradually working their way down to his house and it is too late to escape.

This should have been a good book as I liked the plot. Chris decided to stay and hide while others fled onto the streets but now he is trapped and scared of being discovered. It would have been exciting to follow each tension filled moment as you watch the horror unfold outside and wait for them to be discovered.

Well it would have been if you could put up with Chris and Michael. Through the flashbacks we can see what a dreadful man Chris was. He was happy to marry his trophy wife Diane yet seems to constantly put her down because she has looks but not enough brains for his liking. Yeah that's right, I'll marry the gorgeous but not greatly intelligent wife so other men are jealous but then it's HER fault she isn't smart enough. She looks after the home and their son yet he calls her lazy all the time and at one point deliberatly messes up the kitchen and has a go at her for not having it clean. He is never at home and whenever he graces the house, he is obnoxious to her. Now in the present he finally realises that she loved him and put up with all his crap because of it.

Now to be fair to Chris, I fully understand why he is losing his temper with his son. Michael would test the patience of a Saint. Chris reminds Michael that they must keep quiet and not be seen. Michael is grabbing the curtains to look outside and asking loudly what is going on. Chris tells him to be quiet and Michael cries. Chris reminds him to be quiet and Michael agrees, then starts running about the house like a demented toddler wanting to look outside and asking what is happening. Chris snaps at him to be quiet. Michael starts to blubber. Jeez I could have stangled the boy myself. FFS what does it take for the stupid bloody boy to get it through his thick skull??? This kept happening over and over until I was ready to explode. JUST SHUT UP BRAT!  Can you not understand plain English?

Both characters drove me round the bend and gave me a headache. I'm amazed that I got to the end of it but I'm not subjecting myself to any more characters like this for the rest of the series.
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