Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Apple Cider Vinegar Health Experiment #1

I have recently been reading about the health benefits of taking regular doses of ACV and it made fascinating reading. So my dad and I decided to get some and have an experiment, noting any benefits and side effects. I'm doing my analysis in the form of a blog diary so others interested can follow my progress.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?
Well,  it is what it says it is! Taken several times a day it is said to have health benefits or can be used to fight specific conditions, treat colds etc. I'm going for the 3 regular doses per day as an overall health experiment. I have opted to take this full strength version as I see little point in taking a diluted version from the shops. It was suggested that I buy Braggs version from Amazon, which is organic, raw, unfiltered and contains 'The Mother' which is the bit with the best health  benefits. 

So, what are the alleged health benefits? I have taken these benefits from health web sites and product reviews to give you an example:
-healthy skin and nails
-healthy immune system
-removes sludge from the body
-can assist in weight loss
-reduces sugar cravings
-anti viral and anti fungal properties
-eliminates water retension and bloating
-relieves muscles aches
-helps insomnia
-treats acid reflux and heartburn
-provides more energy and relieves tiredness 
-controls blood sugar 

This is pretty exciting! It is nearly 5pm and I took my first dose thirty minutes ago. I decided to take a reduced level for a week to let my system get used to it so for my first dose I took one teaspoon diluted in 200mls of water. I have had a bit of belching since then which is a good sign! As I'm taking a third of the suggested dose, I can't comment on what people said about it tasting vile. All I taste so far is water with a slight taste to it. I will be updating at least once a week with any changes I have to report!

Have you tried ACV? Did it work for you? Comments welcome!


  1. Will I have the same effects if I use it for cooking?

    1. I've heard that it is sometimes used by people as salad dressing, a bit like lemon juice. I think using it in cooking should be the same-I can't see why not. Maybe google it and see what people say about strength or diluting it for cooking, just to be sure.

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