Thursday, 22 October 2015

Book Review: The In Betweener by Ann Christy (Between Life and Death #1)

Two years ago a new medical nanite advance divided humanity into three types: humans, deaders and the frightening in-betweeners who crave human flesh. Emily's world has grown quiet and ordered, her day bounded by mornings killing deaders at her fence and nights alone in a warehouse office. She's begun to believe life will always be this way, days alone with the dead or fighting in-betweeners for her life. But even that life is better than the alternative.

Everything changes when one of the deaders at the gate isn't a deader at all. He’s an in-betweener different from any Emily has seen before...and he has a message.

The In-Betweener is book one of the Between Life and Death series. Book two, Forever Between, will release in March 2015. Book three, Between Life and Death, is scheduled for release in May 2015.

The Between Life and Death series is suitable for ages 16 and up, with occasional violence and mild language.

My Review:
I liked this book because it was a different take on zombies but also had enough of a traditional zombie feel to keep me interested. I like when I find something a bit new in the genre, which is not easy to do.

Emily had her life saved by nanite technology which cured her cancer and had health benefits for many people. Emily's nanite was removed from her when it did it's job but those with the technology in their body at the wrong moment are turned into zombies. I liked the idea of the nanites-their use to heal and the deadly problem which turns the country into hell. It was interesting and I look forward to hearing more about it. I'm not a science kind of person and my head explodes if things get too technical but in this book everything is explained simply and I understood every word of it, which was nice!

There are also two types of zombies in the book-deaders, who are the traditional walking dead and look like fully dead monsters. Then there are the In Betweeners who look human, move faster and can function better as the nanites in them are still working against the infection on some level. I liked this aspect as well. The author was trying to do some new things and I found her ideas to have realism and be believable in this new world she describes. The world itself sounds pretty grim for the remaining survivors and I'm interested to see what might come next.

Emily is a great MC because you actually care what happens to her. The clever use of flashbacks shows you the important parts of her life recently-the cancer and her treatment, the stages of the zombie outbreak and how she came to be in this secure compound on her own. She is clever and resourceful because she has been well taught by her mother, who knows a lot about nanite technology and its problems. You feel a lot of sympathy for her being alone and yet I had to admire her for the way she deals with it and keeps on living.

We also meet Sam, who is caring for a group of kids, hidden in a flat in the city but running out of food. He has seen Emily and the compound and wants to make contact with her to see if she will agree to take them in. However things for Sam and the kids are about to become very dangerous. It's difficult to write anything else without wandering into plot spoiler territory but their story and Emily's are about to connect in an emotional way, which I really enjoyed.

I liked the way that both stories were dealt with. I know that some people did not like part of Sam's story but I felt that it was well written and that the path the author chooses fits into the overall plot perfectly. I was a little surprised by the way the both finishes with Emily, and it makes me anxious to see what happens next.

Do I recommend this? Yes, I do. It was very well written. Will I be reading the rest of the series? Yes I would certainly like to see what happens! 
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  1. Ann's book are brilliant, she is such a nice lady too! I need to finish this series, I think there is a prequel coming too!

    1. I always like to hear that an author is a nice person! It makes a change from authors behaving badly online! I'm certainly planning to read the rest of the series to see what happens.

  2. I really like that cover. I think I snagged this one for my kindle and am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    1. Yeah it was a bit different and I actually liked the characters which was great!