Thursday, 8 October 2015

Book Review: Deadlocked 3 by AR Wise (Deadlocked 3)

The Deadlocked series continues as Billy heads into the city in search of his mother. During his quest, he will meet a strident military figure that will alter his journey and two brothers that will become his closest allies. However, his trip will endanger the family he has only just met, and he might not be able to save them.

Billy's journey into the city will reveal many of the secrets of this penultimate novella. No characters are safe from the terror that has engulfed the city, and as the motives of those in charge begin to be revealed, the fate of all mankind will be in question.

My Review:
I was worried about the hints about how this story was changing from the original straightforward zombie plot-and my fears werre realised when I started reading this one.

I like Billy so I had no issue with the book jumping to his story. I certainly understand why he had to know for sure what happened to his mother to get closure on some level, so I had no problem with that side of things either. But I did not like what the author had Billy do as it was so out of character for him. It left a very sour taste in the mouth. Billy would not be harming fellow humans when other choices were available to him and I did not like this plot device one bit.

The humans we meet in this book are not well written either. They are out to kill anyone seen inside the evacuation zone, trying to shoot Billy when it was obvious that he was human, not zombie. We then have Billy seeming to be unable to sneak quietly around the city to get the job done. Instead he has to bump into as many people as possible, resorting to kidnapping at one stage. It just all got a bit silly for me.

Then we get the scenarios of bad cops and mad military men, government conspiracy, viral contamination and cover up and the usual cliche evil government stuff which really bugs me in zombie books. It always seems to go into the same tired cliche plots that leave you rolling your eyes and thinking 'here we go again'.

By this stage all that interested me was what was happening back at the dock because as soon as I see that, I'll be stopping with the series.  
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    1. It does seem to happen a lot in zombie series-good start then it goes downhill! It's a pity because for once I liked the main characters.