Monday, 19 October 2015

Spooky Booky Month Update #2

Welcome to my Spooky Booky month update! This month I am only reading books with a spooky, gory or monster theme. Hopefully I might even get a chance to watch a few similar themed films if time allows! Here is my progress for the last two weeks!


Nigel Slater-The Mad Death 

Dirk Patton-Voodoo Plague 

Sean Platt-Chris Wakes Up 

David Lewmann-Jurassic World 

Shawn Chessar-Trudge 

Gail Z Martin-Deadly Curiosities 

Paul Johnson-Jovanovic-Dead Time 


Richard Brown-Dead Highways 

Kate Locke-God save the Queen 

Mark Tufo-Zombie Fallout 

John O'Brien-A New World: Chaos 

James N Cook-No Easy Hope 

CJ Daugherty-Night School 

Ray Garton-Frankenstorm 

Adam Rex-Fat Vampire 


  1. Hmm, you gave up on Night School? I have a copy of that on my TBR shelf to read. Interesting. I'll have to pick it up soon and see what i think. I think I have Fat Vampire as well. I got it as a freebie, so yeah. Thanks for stopping by my post earlier!

    1. Yeah I hate whiny female characters! I can't read on when I hate the MC!