Thursday, 8 October 2015

Book Review: Deadlocked 2 by AR Wise (Deadlocked #2)

Part two of this series picks up immediately after the end of the first. David's wife, Laura, is forced to take over the protection of their family as the boat travels out into Hailey Bay, away from the zombies. However, the boat's pilot plans to dock back in the overrun city to rescue his own family, which will put Laura's in jeopardy.

Laura is forced to overcome unimaginable horrors as the zombie apocalypse explodes around her, but it is the evil intent of the humans around her that present her greatest challenge. The reader is taken far beyond the edge of their seat as Laura pushes forward to the inevitable end. No one is safe in a world where the dead hunt the living.

My Review:
After the shocking end of book one which I loved, we pick up from where we left off. So if you haven't read the first Deadlocked book and plan to at some point, it would be a good idea not to read on with this review as I'm going to talk about the end of that book which is the start of this one!

Laura becomes the narrator of the book after the death of her husband David, who died with Billy's father to allow them time to escape in their boat. Now Billy aims to look after Laura and her daughters Kim and Annie and get them somewhere safe until they can decide what to do next. After trying to help rather ungrateful survivors, they have a run in with would be thieves who are dressed as cops. What they find out is that the food that David and Laura took from the school is contaminated and anything eaten raw could infect them.

Billy is determined to head into the city to see if his mother survived the attack, leaving a worried Laura hidden on the boat with the girls, watching in fear as Annie starts to exhibit signs of infection. Laura knows that there is a cure but it means leaving the girls alone and heading alone into the city to find a pharmacy.

This wasn't as good as the original story and I did find certain aspects of it a bit far fetched. The journey down the river was pretty darn bizarre and each event seemed to get crazier as we went along. I didn't think that she or Billy showed a lot of common sense or did much to keep the girls safe! Still, it was entertaining enough for me to decide to go on and read the next book, which covers Billy's adventures in the city. That is a bit annoying after the cliffhanger end to book two, so we need to wait to book four to see what happens to the girls.

Overall, I'm a bit concerned about where the book is going plot wise. I like Laura and Billy as characters, but this seemed to be less about the zombie outbreak than we saw in the first book and starting on the road towards government conspiracy or bioweapons gone wrong or something like that. Still, we'll see what happens next. 
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  1. Hmm. I'm not a big zombie person. But does have a good sound to it. :)

    1. I really enjoyed the first book in the series. This one was good but got a bit far fetched. Book 3 on I didn't like at all. I hate when I like the start of the series and get all excited about it and then I don't like the rest. It's a bummer!