Thursday, 8 October 2015

Book Review: Zombie University by Trip Ellington

What Happens When a College University is Overrun By Zombies?
They’re outside the door…I hear them.
I hear their dead legs dragging their limp feet down the hallway outside my dorm room. I used to go to class with a few of them…you know…before it happened. I’d be fine with keeping them on one side of the door and me on the other except for one little problem…I’m all out of food and I can see the school cafeteria from my window. Oh yeah, one more thing…They’re hungry too.
My name is Sam and my university is full of zombies.

My Review:
OK so with the title and plot, I went into this expecting a B movie type horror film production, which is fine, and that is how the book started.

We get an introduction to our hero Sam who is a nice guy and I loved that the author decided to give him a limp related to having cerebral palsy. This means Sam has difficulty with stairs, can't outrun zombies and tires more easily. This is why he has been trapped in his dorm since the outbreak began. I liked that concept a lot and it showed a bit of imagination and diversity. Sam is only being forced to leave the dorm because he needs food and on his way to the cafeteria he rescues Lana, a pre-med student. Later they hook up with a range of other survivors. Gabby the fat girl, Neal, Morgan the hysterical, a professor and Sam's roomie Tom. They realise that the surviving students and staff will soon run out of supplies and decide that safety lies in getting off campus.

This was where I stopped enjoying the book. Silly things started to happen in the plot. For example, they are trapped in a house on campus and need to draw the zombies away and let them escape-so of course Sam with the limping issues has to do it. And he goes back into a dorm and gets trapped there with zombies and stairs, just like when the book started. When he escapes barely, his friends are still sitting in the house! What was the point in that whole sequence if they don't make a run for it? Then there is the idea to go BACK to the food store where they started! WHY are they running around in bloody circles all the time? If you decide to leave the food store, where everyone is holed up, to escape the campus-then try to ESCAPE! Get a car or bike or whatever and LEAVE instead of arsing around between this house and the food store and back to the house and the food store and so on. This was so frustrating.

*there are plot spoilers from this point onwards*

The characters started to get on my nerves too. Sam went from hero to whiny suicidal idiot in two seconds flat. He kept insisting that he was useless and should just be killed now, and getting suicidal every two minutes. Lana's gun never seemed to run out of bullets. Morgan kept screaming and wailing like a teething baby and drove me bonkers. One character gets bitten when he kisses his zombie girlfriend-that was just the end of it for me! And of course the further we got into the book, the less Sam's leg seemed to bother him. Uh huh.

By the time we get to the government conspiracy and the barmy set of circumstances that follow, I had seen a decent story descend into utter lunacy! Morgan having a zombie baby HOURS after being injected by something, and Sam being able to suddenly control the zombies because he said sorry to one, I mean that was just stupid stuff. And where do they all hide from the evil government? Yes, that bloody house again yet nobody ever searches it??? Oh come on!

The second half of this book had no credible plot and gets dafter as it progresses. There is no way I would even consider reading a sequel! If the author had stuck to the way he started the story, it could have been decent but it just went way overboard in all areas. I can't see me trying anything else by the author.

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  1. Sounds like one to be avoided!!

    1. It started off ok but then went too weird even for a zombie apocalypse!