Friday, 30 October 2015

The Apple Cider Vinegar Health Experiment #3 End of Week One!

I have recently been reading about the health benefits of taking regular doses of ACV and it made fascinating reading. So my dad and I decided to get some and have an experiment, noting any benefits and side effects. I'm doing my analysis in the form of a blog diary so others interested can follow my progress.

Ok as a quick recap, I started using this last Thursday afternoon. I chose to start by taking a teaspoon of the 'Mother Virus' as we jokingly call her, diluted in 200mls of water, 3 times a day. The taste is acidic but I got round that by adding Ribena to the glass which vastly improves the flavour I'm glad to say! I've now stepped up to two teaspoons a day to see how it goes. I am drinking it through a straw to avoid any acid erosion to the teeth and using a medicated mouthwash afterwards just to be on the safe side.

I have now been taking ACV for one full week and I'm really surprised at the results so far, especially as I'm not yet on the full dose of it! I'm going to share the good vand bad effects that my dad and I have experienced so far.

-my dad has had no acid reflux attacks since my last update
-improved pain relief in arthritic fingers

-reduced bloating
-sleeping a bit better especially the last two nights
-extra visits to the loo so reduced water retension
-reduced cravings to eat at night
-lost 7 pounds in weight!!! YES!!!!

-none so far

I can't tell you how happy I am especially that unexpected weight loss. That's probably linked to the reduced water retension but I'm pretty happy! I'm at my lowest weight in 6 years though I still have some work to do to get fit. But I'm on the way and I'm pretty pleased with the ACV experiment so far! Another update next week! 

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