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Book Review: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

Against all odds, 17-year-old Gene has survived in a world where humans have been eaten to near extinction by the general population. Every decade there is a government sponsored hunt. When Gene is selected to be one of the combatants he must learn the art of the hunt but also elude his fellow competitors.

My Review:
I was expecting a Hunger Games meets The Running Man style hunt where vampires are chasing humans and then discover that one of them is actually a disguised human and he becomes the target. Ooh exciting, I thought to myself as I grabbed it off the shelf. The Hunt. Even the title had me on edge and wanting to read it!

So where the feck was The Hunt? Huh? WHERE IS MY HUNT?

We start with Gene, a human who has survived by disguising himself as a vampire, learning what they do and how they act, and going to school amongst them. He is careful to follow his personal rules to ensure his safety. Until the lottery. A few lucky vampires are chosen from a lottery to take part in The Hunt where they get to hunt and kill humans, who are in short supply. Gene can't believe his bad luck when he is chosen, having to go to vampire camp to hunt and prepare, risking exposure.


I mean we got all Gene's rules and rituals ie shave and don't sweat, the things vampires do and don't do, their lives at school, the lottery...endless pages about all this stuff. We then get the lottery and everyone is excited and jealous that one of their own was chosen. So we get pages about that. And then Gene gets packed off to camp with no chance to collect all the supplies he needs to keep his secrets. Then we get the vampires who are at camp, descriptions of camp, camp rules, camp training, the vampire girl that Gene is interested in, the deceptions...on and on and on.


I don't like Gene. Arrogant and superior. He seems to be deluded enough to believe he is a vampire even though he reminds himself of all the things he must do daily to blend in at school with them. Uh huh. So this guy never had one bead of sweat or a bit of hair he forgot to shave or slipped up at all ever? He's a teenage boy FFS! Don't laugh or cry or sneeze or smile or widen your eyes or get goosebumps...with his lack of brains, I seriously don't believe that he could pull this off! So he never had to take a day off or get a cold or something suspicious? The vampires must be dumb...

When he is at camp he seems to think the other humans are beneath him, as if he has forgotten that he is one! He makes no effort to help or warn them what is going to happen which makes him a new form of scum. He is happy to use them to save his own skin yet seems shocked that they have the same skills he has. Yes because you are human too dumbo!!!

And how DUMB is he when it comes to Ashley June! Firstly, hanging out with hot vampire chick when your protection against detection is not a very smart move. And then the 'twist' Are you the only person in the world who hasn't worked it out yet??? Oh man you are the biggest idiot EVER. And what strange sort of mind has vampires having sex by rubbing their elbow into the others's armpit? WTF? I mean just WTF is that all about???


I was starting to think that it didn't exist. Perhaps it is an April Fool's joke on the vampires...At 180 pages it hasn't started though the truth about Gene is about to come out. I'm guessing that will change all plans for the way The Hunt usually goes. But as there is only 235 pages in this book, I think calling it The Hunt is pushing it a bit! There is not really a hunt in the book, just setting the scene for one.


Oh I'm disappointed. It was slow, over descriptive and confusing. The ideas in the book were just plain barmy and impossible to believe. I just couldn't connect to it or the unpleasant and arrogant MC. And I never got my promised hunt...

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