Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chuckles TV Catch Up #7

This is my new feature for the summer/autumn! I have sooo many great sounding TV shows that I want to watch but because of all my reading, I haven't had time to catch up with any of them! So this summer I'm doing a Chuckles TV catch up where I hope to get a look at some TV, decide what I like and don't like and tell you all my thoughts on everything. Now, my TV watching is very much mood related so I can't predict what I'll want to watch...

This Week: Bates Motel starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Nestor Carbonell and Max Thieriot. 
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

This was another series that I didn't really take to but lets start with the positives. The acting was superb. Norma Bates is a highly strung, obsessive and demanding woman and you can see where Norman gets all his issues! She refuses to let him have any kind of life and constantly interferes. Norman himself starts off as reasonably normal under the circumstances. However when the man in town with a grudge rapes Norma, she and Norman kill him and have to dispose of the body, leading to the start of a life of lies and deception to keep their secrets. Both take the parts extremely well and the plot itself was intriguing. It is possible that Freddie Highmore studied Anthony Perkins as sometimes he seemed like a young version of the troubled man we see in Psycho.

However I found that when the plot moved from the dark stuff to Norman trying to have his normal school life, I lost interest. I understand that it is important to see that Norman was like other kids, trying to make friends, having a crush on a girl with a jealous boyfriend etc but all the high school stuff doesn't interest me and didn't hold my attention. If you like a dark series but don't mind a bit of high school angst thrown in, you might well like this.


  1. I remember seeing when this one came on the tv. I was but wasn't interested in watching it. Something just didn't call to me and sounded a bit blah for my taste. That and I wasn't looking forward to being scared before I went to bed. ;D

    1. I liked the first two Psycho films but the rest of them weren't up to much so I wasn't greatly excited by the idea of a TV series prequel. I didn't really expect to like it...I thought it would be grim and slow. Ironically, I was right about not loving it but for totally different reasons!