Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Book Review: The Demon's Deadline by Tori Centanni (Demon's Assistant #1)

Some teenagers deliver pizza, some deliver newspapers. My part-time job? I deliver mysterious envelopes for a demon. I don't even get tips.

It seemed like a good deal at the time. I almost died in a car accident, and Azmos saved me... gave me a second chance. At first, it wasn't so bad. I got to live, go to high school, hang out with my boyfriend Cam. He's too cute for his own good, but he's getting tired of all this demon stuff. I hate lying to my best friend Melissa and my dad, who's still not over my mom's death. Neither am I.

But now, this gig is getting dangerous, and it's not like I can quit. Even if I could, then what? I've seen things I can't unsee. I just hope I can figure out how to navigate the darkness before I do something I can't undo. 

It's time I face my own demons.

My Review:
Nicki survived the car crash which killed her mother thanks to the intervention of a demon called Azmos. Now she works for him, delivering letters from him to others who did a deal with him, and when people start reacting badly to it, Nicki realises that she has been delivering their death notices.

Azmos does deals that can extend your life by ten years after your fated death but one client is refusing to accept that her time is up, and she is determined to force Azmos to let her live in Nicki's place. When Azmos goes missing, Nicki knows she has to save him if she has any chance of saving herself.

I quite liked this. When you read books about people doing deals with demons, the demons are generally evil and the people are selling their souls. I liked the fact that this plot was a totally different take on the deals of humans and demons. Azmos offers people a chance to survive their deaths, giving them an extra ten years to live. This allows parents to see their kids grow up, families to spend extra time together-it is a kindness, but the parting after the ten year contract ends can be difficult. Azmos is a nice demon who is trying to help people, not hurt them.

I liked Nicki as an MC. She is a normal girl with friends and a boyfriend, but she has to be ready to deliver these letters with little notice. It is only when she has a run in with someone who attacks her that she realises what the letters are, and starts thinking about what the terms of her contract are, something Azmos does not want to discuss with her. She also struggles with the idea of what to do if she can't work for Azmos any more as she feels quite useless in other aspects of her life, something that most readers can relate to in some way. I also liked the fact that her boyfriend Cam knows about her job and tries to support her as much as possible, even though he is worried for her. Nicki has no superpowers so when Azmos is in trouble, she has to rely on her own brain to find a way to save him.

This book has a few surprises up its sleeve that you don't discover until the end ie the nature of Nicki's contract and I found the outcome to be very satisfying and intriguing. It is not action packed but it is well enough written not to feel slow or boring, and liking the characters made it an enjoyable read.

Would I read more in the series? Yes I think I probably would as I want to see what else Nicki gets up to. I think this series has a lot of potential.  
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  1. Glad to hear you liked this. I may move it up on my reading list!

    1. Yeah, I think it's just about 100 pages but there was enough there to keep me interested. I'll be looking for the next part cheap as I refuse to pay pounds for novellas!

  2. Sounds like it's got a neat twist to the deals. Nice to hear. :D

    1. I expected not to like this so I was pleasantly surprised!