Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Chuckles TV Catch Up #8

This is my new feature for the summer/autumn! I have sooo many great sounding TV shows that I want to watch but because of all my reading, I haven't had time to catch up with any of them! So this summer I'm doing a Chuckles TV catch up where I hope to get a look at some TV, decide what I like and don't like and tell you all my thoughts on everything. Now, my TV watching is very much mood related so I can't predict what I'll want to watch...

This Week: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil starring Alex House, Maggie Castle, Bill Turnbull and Jason Mewes.

Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

One episode of this was all I could stomach watching. The MC's are drugged up morons who I wanted to kill, the script is not funny, the plot is poor and frankly I thought the whole thing was an utter waste of time. HATED it! Bad acting, bad show, bad everything.

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