Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Chuckles Book Cull

So I was doing my Contemporary Week at The Book Cave, trying to get a lot of these books that are sitting on my shelves looked at to see if any of the books or authors were to become new favourites. Like I said before, it's not my favourite genre but I liked the sound of these books or grabbed them cheap or had them recommended by friends. 

My first two days have not uncovered anything I enjoyed and I have tried a lot, but that is not a reflection on the books themselves. I used to like this genre but now I am finding the books too slow or I have less patience with horrible characters, instaluv, YA angst and love triangles. I still have a few to look at this week so I might yet find a few good ones. I've saved the ones I most liked the sound of so fingers crossed that I might 3 star a few of them!

However I did go and do one of my famous book culls! Every so often I find it helpful to go back and read the book blurb and then look at Goodreads reviews of the books by other readers. This time I looked at what was on my Contemporary and Dystopian shelves and searched out the 1-3 star reviews to see WHY people didn't like it. If there were a lot of reviewers saying it was slow or not much happened, contained lots of YA angst/instaluv/love triangles, or described the kind of characters that I really disliked, I chose to delete them from my Goodreads shelves and hopefully I'll get an online swap or donate them to charity shops.

I know some people can't bring themselves to DNF a book so The Book Cull is probably not for these people of a nervous disposition! *grins* But if you can bring yourself to do it, it reduces your tbr and stops you wasting too much time on reads you are less likely to enjoy. I'm happy with the results, having removed nearly 40 books from the tbr in the last two days through DNF or deleting.

I think I've decided that my days of contemporary books are behind me-I'm just not enjoying them the way I enjoy other genres. I don't feel the experiment was wasted though, and I might still pick up the odd one AFTER reading the Goodreads reviews first!


  1. I agree that sometimes you have to clean house. My tastes have changed over the years and some books that I wanted to read at one time just don't appeal to me anymore.

    1. I think I realised that my tastes have moved on in just a few years and this genre doesn't suit me anymore. However I did find three that I enjoyed-Silver Linings Playbook, The Fault in our stars and Still Alice. So it was worth ploughing through the others!