Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book Review: Zombie Threat: The Undead Arise by Colten Steele

The danger to mankind's survival is emerging. Avoiding the zombie apocalypse depends on containing a new threat before it gets out of hand.

In the deepest rainforests of South America the potential exists for a previously undiscovered virus to cross over and infect humans. While investigating the destruction of some of the rainforests most majestic inhabitants, a scientist stumbles on an unusual species and brings it back to the United States, unknowingly endangering the entire world’s population.

My Review:
This was a 35 page story segment that covers a botanist and his lab working friends who discover a worm larvae that is eating treats in Belize. They are brought to Texas to study and when it is deemed that they can kill and reanimate lab spiders, it is considered dangerous. But instead of contacting the CDC and containing the threat, they decide to drive the samples to the CDC, risking public health.

OK on the plus side, I liked that the author tried to think up a different was to introduce zombies. It shows that the author has a few different ideas and I do applaud that. However when I obtain a book called The Undead Arise, I kind of expect to see more than just a few worms and a zombie spider. Yes there are no zombies in this short story which comes to a very abrupt and not very satisfying end. The whole story, I kept waiting for something to happen but instead we got info dumps on chemistry and worms and trees and little else. I don't like serial stories like this and had I known the length and lack of actual zombies in this story, I would have given it a miss.

Oh and if you want to find out what happens after the abrupt ending I'm afraid you are out of luck as the next two books of 40 odd pages each don't seem to continue the story, which for me makes this whole thing a complete waste of my time. I felt as if the title of the book was a deliberate plan to get zombie fans to read this book and I can imagine a lot were not very impressed at being misled. The fact that book two goes back to the jungle to start a new story means we can't even get to see the results of an outbreak which appeared to be set up by the end of book one! I feel cheated in more ways than one. I'd suggest giving this a miss and finding a complete series or novel to read instead..
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