Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Book Review: Dead Team Alpha by Jake Bible

In the post-apocalyptic, zombie infested wasteland, there is one beacon of safety in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains: The Stronghold. For decades, the inhabitants have fortified and defended the Stronghold from zombie hordes, building their society and culture on military precision.

And chosen from the best of the best is Denver Team Alpha. DTA is the elite strike force used to rescue survivors and refugees that have made it to the hellish wasteland of Denver below. But because of the unbelievable risks, and high mortality rate, DTA has come to stand for something else: Dead Team Alpha. Now DTA will be put to the test as something far worse than zombies comes at them out of the wasteland. 

My Review:
I call this a review but really it is just a few random thoughts about the book because I quit reading it so quickly.

It didn't take me long to delete this one off the ereader. Each word out of the character's mouths were f-bombs, foul mouthed swearing or crude sexual references. It was like listening to a bunch of moronic teenage boys yell insults at each other about their mothers and sisters and what fantasies they had about women. It was juvenile and certainly not entertaining. I don't care if this is how troops really talk on combat missions. I don't want to see a bunch of oversexed potty mouthed muppets with their macho crap when I want to be entertained by a good zombie novel.

I like books that have real dialogue, clever writing and characters you would actually give a damn about. This lacks all three, frankly and was a waste of my time.
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