Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book Review: Radioactive by BJ Knights

A devastating attack on the San Diego Naval Base leads to a chain of mysterious bombings across the country. One man, Jim, a contractor and former Navy analyst, finds himself in the middle of the chaos with his friend, Coyle, a fellow mechanic. Together, with Jim's cat, Tigs, they must find a way out of the city to relative safety, amidst the chaos of mass pandemonium,traffic jams, military checkpoints, and immediate danger around every corner. Everything is up for grabs and nothing is as it seems in this must-have installment of prepper fiction. 

This real-world nightmare scenario provides instructional skills and tips on how to plan for and survive a deadly attack. Download this exciting, edge-of-your-seat thriller today and get the vital information you need involving the very prepper survival tactics that could someday mean the difference between life and death for you or your family.

My Review:
Realistically, this book is probably worth 2.5 stars but I can't justify giving it three so I have to put it down to 2 stars. There are good things about the story. I liked the idea of the dirty bomb plot at the San Diego naval yard, which was a bit different from other apocalypse books I've read recently. The story itself is well enough explained and the two MCs Jim the prepper and his friend Coyle are decent enough characters, along with Tigs the cat.

However, what lets the book down a bit is the lack of detail throughout the plot. Although Jim was fleeing possible radiation, there never felt as if there was real danger around them. They drove towards Phoenix and despite a gas station incident, I didn't really feel a great deal of tension in their situation. I would have preferred this to have been fleshed out a bit more.

For a prepper and former military man, Jim made mistakes that even someone like me would have avoided. The naval base has been blown up by terrorists and they are fleeing south. Jim has two options for a route-one taking him close to another naval base and the other which takes them on a slight detour. So Jim decides to take the naval route, risking being in the blast zone of another bomb and getting stuck at a military roadblock. Uh huh. good choice. I don't understand that choice or the fact that he did not carry his bug out bag in his car when away from his house. I also don't get the claim in the book blurb that you can use this book to learn survival tips. I saw little evidence of that and frankly I'd say it shows what not to do!

There are a few things I did find a bit unrealistic. In a military secured camp, Jim was able to steal food for the journey and Coyle was able to steal back their confiscated weapons and wander around camp with them without a military person noticing? And the ending was a tad convenient. I'd have rather seen them escape and fight their way to Phoenix.

This has the makings of a decent story and the author clearly has some writing talent but there is not enough flesh on the bones. It lacked detail and a bit more excitement, and could also use a proofreader. Still, the author has potential so it was a decent read.

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  1. I can see why you picked this up, but it is too bad that it wasn't enough. I keep coming across books like this lately, where it could be great, but just isn't for one reason or another. Thanks for your review.

    1. It's not a bad book...there are decent elements and I think the ideas are sound. Just lacks a few things to make it three star worthy! You're right, I've come across a lot of similar books where you just want a bit more!