Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Book Review: Outbreak by Craig Jones

It begins with a flight into Heathrow Airport.

It ends up at Matt Hawkins' front gate, in a crowd of savage, lumbering bodies.

An epidemic is sweeping Great Britain, transforming countless victims into mindless predators and forcing Matt and his little brother, Danny, out of the safety of their late parents' privileged legacy and into a rapidly changing world.

Every day is vital. Every action counts. As the brothers make alliances and learn to defend themselves and their home against an unthinkable enemy, choices are made, some with devastating consequences. In the midst of this nightmarish fight to survive, Matt begins to learn what is truly important to him, and exactly what it means to be human.

My Review:
When I started reading this book, I took an instant dislike to the MC's brother Danny. Frankly, I thought the guy was a brainless moron, whose reckless behaviour put everyone around him in danger. He seems to treat the whole zombie apocalypse like a big version of his computer games and has no concept of how dangerous zombies are. I wanted to strangle him at times. Often this can be the reason for me choosing not to continue with a book, but in this case there was enough of interest going on that I was able to just roll my eyes at him and get on with the story.

Firstly, I liked that we had a zombie book set in the UK. There are not enough decent zombie books set in my part of the world, so getting a good one was a bonus. Uk based books feature fighting for your lives against zombies with the contents of your garden shed as your only weapons, which leads to exciting combat with the zombies and a need for solid planning. I liked Matt, who to begin with seems rational and quite smart, trying to curb his brother's stupid streak. Despite being rich kids, safe behind a strong gate, they are happy to try and help anyone who reaches them ie Nick and his family, and the people in passing cars. Then, the boys discover that some people are trapped in a shop in town and are running out of food, and they start thinking about a possible rescue attempt. I found this quite interesting as they tried to communicate with the survivors and plan how to get over to them without being eaten by zombies.

The tension and excitement build as the plan starts to take shape and they get ready for the rescue itself. I really enjoyed this part of the book. I always love the parts of zombie books where the survivors have to leave safety for some reason and go out into zombie infested streets. I'm not going to put in any spoilers but the rescue part of this book was edge of the seat stuff and was well thought out.

Chapter 18. OMG Matt, what are you DOING! Are you INSANE! I suspected what he was going to do but what comes in the chapters after that I did not see coming. The book goes off in a new and very alarming direction and it was pretty great stuff! I really liked the different things that the author put into the book and the way the plot twisted and turned throughout. You really never knew what was coming next as Matt seems to lose the plot!

Overall I was really pleased with the book which had great ideas and some really good writing. I will probably read book two at some point in the future just to see what happens next.
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  1. Awesome cover and glad you picked up something you enjoyed. Seems like you have not had the best of luck lately with some titles.

    1. I've looked at so many books this month and there have been a few good ones that I haven't had a chance to review yet. More review catch up this weekend!

  2. Ok, this sounds interesting, may have to check this one out!