Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: Decaying Humanity by James Barton

Roommates and best friends Harvey and Jim are obsessed with zombie movies. That is until videos start appearing online, claiming to be footage of real undead outbreaks. Can their knowledge of once fictional creatures help them against the real thing? They soon realize that the undead aren’t the only threat they face. With their supplies running low and armed raiders attacking everyone, they will need to take their survival plan to a new level. How much will they sacrifice to survive, and who … or what … will they become when it is all over?

My Review:
Jim and Harvey are gamers who live in a trailer park and longed for the zombie apocalypse to come along and cheer up their boring life. Now it is here, they realise that a trailer is not going to defend them against zombies or human bandits.

Jim and Harvey frankly are a couple of morons. Gamers I know are much smarter than these plonkers! Harvey believes the zombie videos shown online long before chaos hits their town so they stock up on supplies-but why try to keep living in a flimsy trailer??? They had days to get out of town with their supplies in their cars but instead Jim keeps going to work until all hell breaks loose and he barely escapes with his life.

After finding a raider inside their trailer, and knowing the guy is part of a raiding gang whose friends might come back for them, do the boys flee? Um, no. They instead use the man as an experiment to test out what does and doesn't attract a zombie for 'research' purposes. Oh yes, if the zombies are seeking brains, these boys are quite safe. This book seems to be more about the boys and their friendship than actual zombies. I felt it wasn't going anywhere interesting so stopped reading. Not much else to say really.

Not great.
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  1. Man, after seeing the cover for this on your STS, I had such high hopes. Hope your next read is better!

    1. I liked the cover too...ah well, better luck with the ones I try tonight hopefully!